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Vegan Pre-Workout Nutrition: What Do You Need?

Whether you are already a convert to the world of pre-workout supplements or not, your body can’t deny what it needs in order to make an exercise session not only effective but beyond expectations.

At Myprotein we believe in fuelling your ambition. With both feet through the gym door you’re halfway there, but for even the most ambitious athletes, drive, talent and integrity will only take you so far. Your body needs the right fuel to not only exercise but recover after, too.

Being a vegan is a health and lifestyle choice with many myths attached. Some wrongly believe that the same muscle gains aren’t possible for a vegan that may be achieved by eating meat and dairy. This is not true, it’s simply a case of knowing where to look.

For the most health conscious, serious gainers or people in the gym looking to lose weight, when it comes to fuel it’s all about macros, not meats. This is about making sure your body gets what it needs, which is:

  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Fats

These are things that you can get, with ease, from natural food sources that don’t involve meats, dairy or preservatives.

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So where can you get what you need?

Vegan or not, you should always aim to get your carbs from a natural, non-processed sourced. Refined carbs, or empty carbs as they are sometimes called, don’t do anyone much good as a fuel. They’re a little bit lit like putting the wrong petrol in your car. Avoiding refined carbs and getting the right kind is as simple as choosing sweet potatoes over French fries, wholemeal over process white foods, and generally speaking, carbs that are as close to organic as possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money, though.

Think seeds and grains. You’ve heard before that porridge is the cornerstone of a good start to your day; it works for workouts, too. Oats are a versatile and effective way of getting slow-burning carbs, which you can mix with vegan protein powder an hour before a training session.

Unsweetened dried fruit is a perfect solution for when you’re in need of a quick fix of healthy carbs. And while you’re at it, you can build your energy reserves up with apples and bananas. Bananas are full of potassium, which you shed by the bucket when you sweat. As well as energy, they’ll also help to prevent cramps in fatiguing muscles.

Vegan nut butter is your next best option, providing you with a high source of protein and energy that will last for the duration of your workout.

Vegan Supplements

So if what you need it so easy to come by in these quick forms that require very little in the way of preparation, where do supplements enter the picture?

A good pre-workout supplement is all about elevating your workout to a new level. A great vegan supplement is about giving your body what it needs without meat, dairy and processed ingredients.

Vegan Pre-Workout by Myprotein is an industry-first advanced, all-natural, plant-based vegan pre-workout. It is comprised of a cocktail of plant extracts and free-from artificial performance boosters. Vegan Pre-Workout packs in everything that you need and would expect of a non-vegan pre-workout supplement without the artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. That’s not all that it’s packed with as its 150mg of caffeine provides a punch that will make sure your workout reaches that next level.



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