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Protein is a must for muscle maintenance, growth, and recovery, as well as simply ensuring you get enough protein throughout the day. And whether you add it to your morning oats or whip up a satisfying shake, protein powder is a fast and easy way to up your protein intake. 

There are loads of protein powders out there. From whey protein to vegan protein, meal replacers and more, there's a flavour and formulation for you. Better yet, protein powder can help you shed a little extra weight if that’s your goal.

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The benefits of taking protein powder

Protein powders pack a serious punch when it comes to helping you feel your best. 

Let's talk muscle growth. Protein is quite literally the building block of muscles. Getting your protein in helps you maintain your muscle mass and, alongside an exercise routine, can lead to muscle gain. 

Protein powder also supports recovery. You know that feeling when you've finished a tough gym session? Your muscles are tired and a little damaged. And they need time and fuel to repair and recover. 

Protein supplements paired with carbohydrates help muscle regain strength and restore glycogen levels. With a little TLC and nutritional support, you can get back to the gym or on the track faster, fitter, and stronger than ever.

How to make a protein shake

Making a protein shake is about as easy as it gets. Add your favourite protein powder to a blender or shaker, throw in some water or milk of your choice (they all work), and blend or shake until smooth and creamy.

Protein powders and food

The sky's the limit when it comes to mixing protein powder and food. Add your favourite blend to pancakes, smoothies, oats, and baked treats like cookies and muffins. Give this high-protein peanut butter cheesecake or these chocolate orange energy balls a try for something ultra-indulgent.


Are protein shakes good for you?

How "good" they are would depend on how they are used within the grand scheme of your whole diet, as well as how they complement other lifestyle-related behaviours. However, the research does tend to be fairly one-sided in supporting the use of protein powders, not just improving body composition, but also performance recovery, weight management and even as a means of reducing the impact of age-related loss of lean muscle mass.

Are protein shakes keto-friendly?

Most protein shakes would be considered keto-friendly, however, "diet" shakes, "weight-gainers" and "recovery" shakes would all likely contain an amount of carbohydrate that would take you out of a ketogenic state.

Are protein shakes good for weight gain?

That depends on how they're incorporated into your diet. If they contribute to you being in a calorie surplus then they can help you gain weight (with research showing that they can also help maintain a desirable body composition whilst gaining weight).

Are protein shakes good for women?

Protein shakes work just as well for women as they do men, with research consistently showing how helpful they can be to helping women improve body composition, enhance recovery and better manage bodyweight.

What do protein shakes do for your muscles?

Protein shakes act similarly to other sources of protein, providing the building blocks required to repair and rebuild muscle after exercise induced damage.