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Natural Snacks | Cacao Butter Energy Bar Recipe

Our Cacao Butter Energy Bar contains only natural ingredients – yet still tastes delicious! Enjoy juicy thick dried fruits with added crunch from the coconut, dried banana and brazil nuts.

This super simple recipe takes minutes to make and lasts for weeks in a sealed container!


– 100g – Myprotein Organic Cacao Butter Buttons

– 100g Trail mix

– 30g Linseed


1) Simply melt the cacao butter buttons in a microwavable dish until completely dissolved (may need stirring.)

2) Mix in the linseed.

3) Sprinkle half the trail mix into a mould or clingfilm lined tray.

4) Pour over the cacao butter and linseed over the trail mix and then sprinkle with the remaining trail mix and slightly press down

5) Leave in a cool place to set for 3-5 hours, once solidified place in an air tight container.

… Enjoy!


(Each bar – recipe making 8 servings)

Calories – 193

Fat – 18g

Carbs – 7g

Sugar – 5g

Protein – 4g


Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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