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47 Meal Prep Recipes For Muscle Building & Fat Loss

47 Meal Prep Recipes For Muscle Building & Fat Loss
Monica Green
Writer and expert1 day ago
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In need of inspiration? Try these 47 easy meal prep recipes for muscle-building and fat loss.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of fitness, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for something other than plain chicken breast and broccoli, you need to try these tasty, and most importantly, easy meal prep recipes for muscle-building and fat-loss.

Pre-portioned food

If you want to build muscle and lose fat, it’s crucial to fuel your body with the right amount of calories and nutrients – and that means weighing your food. But getting the scales out at every single meal is awkward, tiresome and confusing (and not to mention a little antisocial).

Meal prep in advance for pre-packed, pre-portioned meals to support your fitness goals.

Nutrient timing is everything

Research shows that to get the best out of your training regime, it’s vital to consume enough protein and carbohydrates at the right time, in order to optimize muscle recovery and growth and also prevent muscle catabolism (i.e. breakdown)

Preparing your food in advance makes it so much easier for you to consume the food your body requires, at the correct time.

Your time is precious

Why spend every single day planning what to cook, buying ingredients and making your meals, when you could be doing something more productive with your time?

Get ahead of the game and meal prep in advance, so you can spend your time doing what matters the most to you.

You can keep your new meals perfectly packed and portioned throughout the week with these slim-design, multiple-compartment meal prep containers.


We've made it even easier for you to find the perfect meal prep recipes:

Meal prep recipes with poultry

1. Spicy Chicken With Couscous

This spicy chicken recipe is bursting with flavour and is a simple way to upgrade from plain old chicken and rice meal prep.

Full recipe with video, here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
284 50g 22g 5g

2. Simple High-Protein Lasagne

Simple high protein lasagne made in no time without sacrificing flavour.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
447 55g 35g 9g



3. Chicken Curry Gyros | Ultimate Fakeaway Recipe

Greek Chicken Gyros made with an Indian twist to easily serve up for your week or weekend plans


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
541 40g 52g 17g


4. Naked Chicken Burrito Bowl Meal Prep

Macro friendly naked burrito bowl meal prep, full of flavour and simple to put together (which is the best kind of recipe in our opinion) and will keep you satisfied the whole day through.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
278 30g 35g 8g



5. Zingy Chicken Burger | Fakeaway Recipes

Super easy fakeaway recipe to make no matter what goal your working towards or training routine you’re sticking to.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
468 59.4g 48.6g 11.9g



6. Easy Pesto Chicken & Veg Meal Prep

Good food doesn’t have to take you hours to prepare or a long list of obscure ingredients. It can be the simple stuff that hits the spot and has you coming back time and time again. Just like this fool-proof pesto chicken & veg recipe.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
523 52g 36g 16g



7. Air Fryer Chicken Skewers Meal Prep

try delicious chicken skewers that can be made any day of the year. Made with oh-so tasty marinade completed with a portion of rice and your favorite veg or salsa.



Calories Protein Carbs Fat
356 35g 47g 4g



8. Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta | High-Protein Meal Prep

This Cajun chicken pasta is a super tasty way to pack in protein and keep you full and feeling good. Perfect for meal prepping.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
516 38g 71g 8g



9. Protein-Packed Air-Fried Chicken Sandwich

this sandwich recipe is loaded with spicy flavour and smothered with a zesty sauce. Also packed with 45g of protein per serving helping you hit your macros in the most delicious way.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
400 46g 36g 7g



10. Low-Carb Loaf Tin Lasagne

Try loaf tin lasagne. You’ll get 3 easy portions for 3 days’ worth of low-carb, high-protein meal prep.

Recipe here.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
527 36g 68g 22g



11. Harissa Chicken & Moroccan Couscous

Spicy succulent harissa chicken paired with paired with aromatic Moroccan-style couscous.

Harissa Chicken & Moroccan Couscous

Recipe here.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
579 29g 30g 21g



12. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

This high-protein buffalo chicken pasta salad will change your chicken meal prep game forever. Trust us – buffalo sauce makes everything better.

Recipe here.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
485 49g 30g 20g



13. Easy Pasta Salad Meal Prep Recipe

Super simple pasta meal prep recipe. One that you can whip up in under 20 minutes, this pasta salad is surprisingly satisfying and will keep you fueled for all your afternoon activities.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
415 26g 40g 20g



14. Asian Peanut Butter Sesame Chicken

Switch up your chicken meal prep for our Asian-inspired peanut butter chicken, at only 489kcal and a huge 40g protein per meal.

Recipe here.


Calories Protein Carbs Fat
489 40g 39g 20g



15. Low-Cal Lime & Chilli Turkey Burgers

These low-cal homemade lime and chilli turkey burgers will spice up your meal prep game and then some, at only 147kcal per burger.

chilli turkey burgers

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
147 17g 10g 5g


16. 3-Day Malaysian Chicken Satay

Malaysian chicken satay but subs in Powdered Peanut Butter for 70% less fat than regular peanut butter.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
453 33g 46g 15g


17. 30-Minute Chicken Tikka Masala

This incredible chicken tikka masala is rich, creamy, and delicious – the ideal meal to look forward to.

chicken tikka masala

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
586 49g 69g 14g


Keep scrolling for more tasty meal prep recipes.


18. One-Pot Creamy Garlic Chicken & Rice

Enjoy this simple recipe with 45g of protein per serving.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
387 45g 32g 7g


19. BBQ Pulled Chicken Mac N Cheese

Mac n cheese with BBQ pulled chicken, an indisputable winner when it comes to comfort food.

bbq mac and cheese

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
597 37g 51g 21g


20. Peanut Butter Chicken Curry 

Peanut butter lovers, this incredible recipe is definitely one to try. Immediately.

Peanut Butter Chicken Curry 

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
398 24g 19g 24g


21. Fajita Pasta Bake

Fajita chicken in a cheesy pasta bake is the crossover we all needed.

Fajita Pasta Bake

Recipe here. 

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
521 28g 62g 16g


22. Creamy Lemon & Thyme Chicken

You will be looking forward to your next meal with this creamy lemon and thyme chicken waiting for you

Creamy Lemon & Thyme Chicken

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
227 21g 5g 14g


23. Chicken & Chorizo Paella 

Summery makeover of the classic chicken and rice meal prep with this traditional Spanish paella recipe.

Chicken & Chorizo Paella 

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
404 31g 52g 7g


24. Easy Protein Bowl Meal Prep

This bowl of lean protein and veggies will keep you on track of macro-friendly meals making you feel full all day.

Protein Bowl

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
620 55g 87g 10g


Fish-based meal prep recipes:

25. Seared Tuna Steak & Sweet Potato Wedges

Try this easy seared tuna steak with pink peppercorns and sweet potato wedges for a batch of healthy meals, with 38g protein per meal.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
342 38g 33g 7g


26. Quick Spicy Cajun Salmon & Garlicky Veg

This spicy salmon meal prep recipe makes 3 days’ worth of tasty meals and is seriously easy to prepare. Plus, salmon is brimming with omega-3 fatty acids – known to enhance muscle building and keep you lean.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
457 35g 47g 11g


27. Salmon Poke Bowl

Switch up your protein source with fresh salmon for a delicious, omega-3 rich lunch. Try this Hawaiian inspired dish to spice up your meal prep rotation.

salmon poke bowl

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
552 24g 70g 19g


28. High-Protein Kedgeree

This speedy haddock kedgeree makes a serious meal prep upgrade from plain chicken and broccoli. Swap in Protein Rice for the ultimate high-protein meal prep.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
418 36g 45g 10g


29. Sweet Chilli Glazed Salmon

This Asian-inspired salmon is the perfect meal prep recipe that is heavy on flavour but light on calories.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
483 29g 54g 16g


Meal prep recipes with meat or dairy:

30. Spiced Lamb With Feta Bulgur

Mix up your meal prep with a Mediterranean classic instead of the usual chicken and rice.

Spiced Lamb With Feta Bulgur

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
570 28g 23g 37g


31. Lean, Creamy Sausage Pasta

Give this high-protein creamy sausage pasta a go for your next batch meal prep session. This recipe uses quark in place of cream cheese and reduced-fat sausages to keep it lean – without skimping on flavour.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
415 34g 48g 5g


32. Sweet Potato & Chorizo Hash

This protein-packed sweet potato hash is the perfect muscle-building breakfast.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
437 24g 38g 23g


33. Low-Carb Teriyaki Beef Zoodles

Who said takeaway meals have to be unhealthy? Try this low-carb teriyaki beef meal prep fake-away recipe next time the cravings set in.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
372 44g 24g 10g


34. Crispy Honey Beef Noodles

This sweet and simple noodle recipe will have you coming back for seconds with the combination of crispy beef strips, crunchy veggies and tasty sauce from @kirstyfletcher .

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
429 30g 44g 14g


35. Beef Ramen Noodles | Easy, High-Protein Dinner

This warming recipe is ideal for cold evenings. Packed with tender steak and rich beefy broth for plenty of protein in a delicious way.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
482 26g 61g 15g


36. Homemade Beef Crunch Wraps | Fakeaway Favourites

Try this healthier spin on your takeaway favorite. Perfect for hitting the spot without derailing your progress with this Taco Bell classic.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
467 32g 37g 20g


37. Baked Feta Couscous

Baked Feta pasta was probably one of the tastiest TikTok trend so we made it better with a lighter couscous perfect for a quick and delicious veggie meal prep.

Recipe here

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
361 14g 38g 15g


Plant-based prep recipes:

38. One-Pot Lentil Dahl

Batch cook your meals in advance with this flavoursome, vegan-friendly, high-protein lentil dal.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
191 8.5g 14.3g 9g


39. Vegan “Meatball” Sub

Vegan meatball sub packed with 30g per serving.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
498 29g 65g 11g


40. Fiery Five Bean Chilli | 15-Minute Vegan Dinner

Make this fiery five bean chilli in 15 minutes flat for a delicious weeknight dinner.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
499 21g 86g 7g


41. Superfood Overnight Oats

Start your day right with this superfood overnight oats recipe – great for breakfast on the go.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
372 10g 45g 17g


42. Sweet Paprika Vegan Bowl & Chocolate Protein Balls

Try this easy to make 3-day vegan meal prep recipe with sweet paprika roasted chickpeas and tofu, maca sweet potato fries, asparagus and avocado cream.

Sweet Paprika Vegan Bowl & Chocolate Protein Balls

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
454 26g 27g 31g


43. Ultimate 15-Minute Vegan Fajitas

We guarantee this will be your go to fajita recipe as its ready in 15 minutes making a speedy and tasty option.

Vegan Fajitas

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
439 12g 35g 15g


44. Crispy Tofu & Teriyaki Noodles 

Try this high protein meat free lunch idea to mix up your meals, you don’t have to be a veggie or vegan to appreciate these noodles.

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
462 17g 67g 14g


45. Vegan Lentil Bolognese 

Vegan friendly hearty bolognese that’s full of flavour and packed with plant based protein

vegan lentil bolognese

Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
486 21g 86g 6g


Mixed meal prep recipes

46. Breakfast Burritos For All Week Long

Brighten up your mornings with these breakfast burritos. Just pop them I the freezer, then grab and warm it up in 2 minutes for an easy healthy high protein breakfast.


Recipe here.

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
557 53g 57g 11g


47. Cheesy Pasta Bake 4 Ways

Liven up your lunches with this easy 4-in-1 cheesy pasta bake recipe.

Recipes here.

Enjoy these meal prep recipes?Check out more delicious fitness recipes.


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