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When you’re leading a busy lifestyle, there are bound to be times when you feel tired out. It can seem like a simple solution to reach for a strong coffee, energy drink or sugary snack. But these quick fixes will only create a spike and crash effect, often leaving you feeling more tired than before. In general, the more natural energy boosters are the best options to try out first.

So what are the best natural energy boosters? Here are our favourites:

omega 3 for vegans

Chia Seeds

These little seeds may seem like a fad food, and indeed their popularity has dramatically increased over the past couple of years. However, their benefits have been known in South America for thousands of years. Chia seeds are excellent energy sources and were used to boost the ancient Mayans before they went into battle.

Chia seeds are packed with omega 3 and omega 6. This helps to combat fatigue and inflammation in the body. Not only that, but they help regulate your glands so that you are less likely to feel sluggish.

These little seeds are a source of protein and fibre, which means the energy they provide is regulated by the body. So you can be confident you won’t have a sugar slump an hour after enjoying them.

Chia seeds have a mild, nutty flavour, which goes well with many dishes. A popular way to get your chia fix in the morning is by soaking the seeds in almond milk to make chia pudding as a substitute for overnight oats. You can also sprinkle them in granola, or on top of apples spread with peanut butter.


It may make you think of chewing gum, but peppermint is a great natural energy source. Peppermint encourages an increase of oxygen to the brain. This, in turn, fires up your brain cells and makes them alert, making you feel fresh and awake.

Even just the smell of peppermint oil can give you these great benefits. Try dabbing a little on your temples and feel the effects!

For a simple pick-me-up, keep bags of peppermint tea handy to brew when your energy is low.

You can also blend mint into yoghurt to make a tangy dip or sauce. Mint is incredibly easy to grow indoors and outside – even for the least green-fingered of people! Having a pot of fresh mint handy in the kitchen is a great way to maximise the energy giving benefits of mint.

B Vitamins

These water-soluble vitamins are great for energy. They support your thyroid as well as maintaining healthy blood cells. Your body does not store B vitamins in the body, so it is essential that you supply your body with them through what you consume.

If you are concerned about your energy levels, ensuring you get enough B vitamins is a key step to identifying the issue. Taking a B vitamins supplement each morning ensures you are getting enough in your system.

green tea health benefits

Green Tea

Green tea is a great way to get a natural boost of caffeine and energy. Green tea was once only available in specialist shops but is now available in all supermarkets. Green tea is full of antioxidants, which help the body fight harmful toxins in the body.

It also has plenty of anti ageing properties, to help you look less tired and as well as feeling it!

Though it can be tempting to get products labelled as flavoured green tea or iced green tea, these are often far from natural energy boosters. Artificial flavourings and added sugar may seem appealing as you get used to the plain taste of green tea, but they will hamper the benefits and may risk a sugar spike and crash.

Rooibos Tea

If you want to branch out from green tea, rooibos is also a great energy source. It is packed with aspalathin, which helps to regulate your adrenal hormones. This, in turn, helps to boost your energy levels whilst reducing stress. This makes it a great option for anyone that finds too much caffeine makes them feel a little anxious or jittery.

Co-Enzyme 10

This may sound like something complicated to look out for, but don’t worry! This vitamin-like substance is totally natural and is produced within the body as well as existing in food. It is found in sardines, beef and peanuts as well as in a lot of offal.

This vitamin-like enzyme is a proper energy booster. It helps to maintain and grow your body’s cells, especially in your heart and muscles.

In addition, it is an antioxidant, so it helps the body fight off harmful substances.

Energy Capsules

If you are concerned that you are not providing your body with enough natural energy during the day, consider taking energy capsules. Reputable and natural blends, like Myprotein Energy + Focus, blend key natural ingredients to boost you in a sustainable way.

Combining ingredients like B vitamins, Co-Enzyme 10 and caffeine, they make a great solution to your energy dips. So you’ll have enough energy to tackle your work day and your workouts!

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