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High-Protein Banana Split | Throwback Thursday Recipe


Ah, the banana split – we all have fond memories of devouring this definitive dessert.

Relive those special memories without worrying about piling on the pounds with our high-protein take on the classic!

Serves: 4


4 bananas (cut horizontally)

✓ 150g Protein Ice Cream Mix (try Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate flavour or a mix of all three!)

✓ 250ml coconut cream (refrigerated for at least 1 hour)

✓ 1 scoop Casein Protein (your favourite flavour – you can use other protein powders here but casein tends to be the finest consistency)

Topping ideas:

Drizzle Sugar-Free Syrup (Chocolate flavour)

✓ Handful fresh cherries

✓ Sprinkle Cacao Nibs


#1 Take the Protein Ice Cream Mix and dilute in a 1:1 ratio with 150 ml of water (this may seem like a small amount of water, but trust us, this will make the creamiest ice cream!). Pop into the freezer for 1-2 hours. Make sure you also chill your coconut cream for at least 1 hour.

#2 Once the ice cream is frozen, make the whipped coconut cream. Drain the water from the chilled coconut cream and then tip the cream into a large mixing bowl. Add the casein powder and, using an electric whisk, whisk on a low speed for 1 minute, then turn the speed to high and whisk until stiff peaks form. You may need to move the whisk up and down to create air pockets.

#3 Assemble your split! Place banana halves into a bowl, add 3 scoops of protein ice cream, whipped coconut cream (pipe these on if you’re feeling fancy), sugar-free syrup, fresh cherries and a sprinkling of cacao nibs. Devour.


Calories: 382      Protein: 33g        Fat: 16g       Carbs: 29g


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Jennifer Blow

Jennifer Blow

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