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Healthy Chocolate Orange Bites Recipe | Guilt Free Snack

Try this ideal homemade treat for friends and family!

This delicious medley has a soft, zesty-orange centre with added crunch from the protein crispies, topped off with a delicious, slightly-bitter silkiness from the cacao buttons!




  1. Place the prunes in a bowl and squeeze the juice of the clementine over them and grate the zest.

  2. In another bowl, melt the cacao buttons.

  3. Place a scoop of protein crispies on a plate.

  4. Using a cocktail stick, pick up a prune and dip it into the melted cacao buttons. Drop it onto the plate of protein crispies.

  5. Continue until all the ingredients have been used, then leave for an hour or two to set!

  6. Once hardened, place in an air tight container.

Tip: These will last for 7-10 days!

Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Calories 4.5
Total Fat 0.2g
Total Carbohydrates 0.6g
Sugar 0.3g
Protein 0.2g

Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

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