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Quick Fat Burn | 10-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout

Quick Fat Burn | 10-Minute Treadmill HIIT Workout
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HIIT is a popular training method that promotes fat loss and fitness, and an effective way of promoting calorie after burn for hours afterwards - otherwise known known as EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). This is basically the result of the body trying to get back to its resting state.

Due to the fact this is considerably more difficult to do after a HIIT session than steady state cardio, there are significantly more calories burned than would have been so after a steady state cardio session.

Who can benefit from HIIT?

Pretty much anyone looking to improve their fitness levels or reduce their body fat levels can benefit from implementing some HIIT into their routine. There are exceptions to this though where HIIT may prove too dangerous.

? Individuals with certain heart conditions, diabetics and those with respiratory issues may not be suited to this type of training. Of course, before beginning any exercise programme you should check with your doctor first, especially if you have any pre-existing health issues.

? This type of training is great for anyone who is cutting and hoping to reduce their body fat, but also for anyone perhaps bulking and hoping to minimise fat gain. It is also a great tool for improving your endurance levels and applies really well to anyone training in sports where the intensity changes frequently such as soccer or even MMA.

Benefits of HIIT

benefits of HIIT

#1 Muscle maintenance

HIIT has been shown in studies to preserve lean muscle mass better than steady state cardio.

This is due to its short but intense duration. As a result more fat is burned and your metabolism is sent into overdrive.

#2 Alert and Energised

Steady state cardio can leave you feeling a little lack lustre unlike HIIT. It's explosive nature can leave you feeling alert and ready to take on the world!

#3 Increase Fitness Levels

HIIT will not only help you hit your lean physique goals, but will also increase your maximum oxygen uptake (VOMax). This means your fitness levels can improve dramatically when you introduce some HIIT to your routine.

#4 Improved reaction times

HIIT by nature increases your agility due to the explosive nature of a workout. This can equate to better sports performance as you will improve your reaction time and move with more agility.

Give HIIT a try and watch your fitness levels soar and body fat drop!

Treadmill HIIT Workout


Note: when running at maximum speed you should feel that you can’t maintain this pace for longer than the prescribed time.

This workout is meant to be tough, so if you are comfortable and able to chat through the maximum effort part, you are not working hard enough!

Minutes 1-5

This is the warm up.

Jog at a steady state, at about half of your maximum capable speed.

Minute 6 first interval

Run for 30 seconds all out, and then jog for a further 30 seconds or walk if necessary.

Minute 7 second interval

Run for 30 seconds all out, and then jog for a further 30 seconds or walk if necessary.

Minute 8 third interval

Run for 30 seconds all out, and then jog for a further 30 seconds or walk if necessary.

Minute 9 forth interval

Run for 30 seconds all out, and then jog for a further 30 seconds or walk if necessary.

Minute 10-15

This is the cool down period. Jog at about half your maximum speed.

After a few sessions of training like this, add some more intervals to increase the difficulty of the workout as your fitness improves.

Safety considerations

Since HIIT is such a high intensity activity, overdoing it can result in injuries. Make sure you allow rest days in between training sessions and tailor your sessions to your own personal abilities.

Ideally if you lift a lot of weights, HIIT would be best kept as an activity on a day you are not lifting if possible. This is simply because it is of such a high intensity that it can be tough on the body to recover when heavy weights are thrown into the mix.

Take Home Message

Engage in this 10-minute treadmill HIIT workout for a quick fat-burning session!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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