New Student? | Tips For Staying Healthy In University

It’s the new university year – which includes the alcohol based trimmings! It’s very easy to neglect fitness and health altogether not only throughout fresher’s week, but the whole first year, which can lead to bad habits throughout your entire time at university and in later life.

This article will hopefully help you prevent getting to know it throughout your first year of university and to make good habits that will stick with you for life.

#1 Join a Society or Sports Team

Universities have many different societies and sports teams to offer, which are not only a great way to make friends, but also to get some regular exercise and have fun.

Most universities will have a dedicated fitness society for you to meet other people like yourself who just want to get fit whilst in university, as well as others who can help you along the way.

Moreover, there are many sports teams which you can join to get regular exercise. Aside from the obvious teams such as football, rugby etc. there are lesser known sports such as ultimate frisbee, which won’t be full of ‘try hards’ and you never know, you may find that you’re actually good at it.

#2 Eat Well

This one should be quite obvious, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Obviously, eating kebab after kebab isn’t going to be good for you, inside or out, so try to cut down on trips to the takeaway after a night out.

student meals

Many students also opt for a takeaway when there is little in the cupboards. This can easily be prevented by making sure you have provisions in; it’s all about convenience.

For example, I like to stock my cupboards full of healthy snacks, such as Protein Bars, Protein Cookies etc. This means that when you get a craving for some junk, you can turn to a healthy alternative to satiate your hunger.

Moreover, you can also get some healthy meals in as an emergency, such as our tasty Ready Meals. They can be chucked into the microwave for a couple of minutes to provide you with a tasty, nutritious meal.

? Making sure you have healthy food in is the best way to stop you from overindulging on junk. Honestly, this is an absolute necessity if you want to try and stay somewhat healthy in university.

#3 Join a Gym

Joining a gym is an obvious way to keep fit whilst in university, and for good reason.

It will help get you into a routine of going, and the fact that you’ll be more than likely paying for it should motivate you to get down to the gym.

Watch some videos online, read some articles, and find a program/routine and stick to it.

Other gym goers and staff will likely help you out if you need any help.

#4 Find a Gym Buddy

Finding someone to exercise with you is a great way to ensure that you stick to your exercise regime, and will benefit the both of you.

gym buddy

There are bound to be many people in your lectures, halls, or just at your university in general who are either looking to get into fitness, or already know thing or two about it and could help you in achieving your fitness goals.

Not only does having a gym buddy allow you to be spotted for exercises such as bench press, it gives you more motivation as you can push one another and overall, it will make the workout more fun and enjoyable, thus making it more sustainable in the long term.

Don’t worry if you can’t find someone to exercise with before you join a gym, you will be sure to find someone there who is in the same position as you who you can work out with.

#5 Go Easy on The Booze

Drinking and university go together like salt and pepper, however, whilst it may seem a good idea at the time, drinking can not only have serious health implications but it also severely hinders you progress when it comes to fitness.

Alcohol contains a lot of calories, with 1 gram of alcohol containing 4 calories. Factor in the fact that many ‘mixers’ such as energy drinks contain copious amounts of sugar, the calories add up. Moreover, the hangover which follows will not help you in any way shape or form.

I’m not saying give up drinking entirely, though that would be the ideal.

Rather, moderate how much you drink and when you drink. If you like going on nights out, then limit your drinking to just then and don’t drink at other occasions, for example.

Take Home Message

Whilst staying healthy in the university may seem impossible whilst juggling socialising, studies, entering adulthood, a potential job etc. it really isn’t something that should be a hardship!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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