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Summer Walking Routes

Summer time is great for getting outdoors and adding in extra light intensity exercise to your plan. Walking is a great way to explore somewhere new. It is also an invaluable tool for breaking up a sedentary day and boosting your health.


Walking helps to strengthen both your bones and your heart. It is also a relaxing way to tone your legs, glutes and core. Make sure you pack all the equipment you’ll need if you’re going on a more secluded route – and don’t forget your protein shakes or snacks to fuel your energy and recovery.
There are a number of styles your walk can take, but which is the best for your fitness goals?


Beach Stroll


Heading to the coast has a host of benefits for you to enjoy. Firstly, the notion that sea air is good for you is actually far from an old wives’ tale. Scientifically, sea air is great for your body. Sea air is packed with negative ions, which help the body absorb more oxygen with each breath. This increases the health of your blood and muscles, as well as detoxing your lungs. In addition, these negative ions help to regulate your serotonin levels, the chemical that plays a key role in feelings of relaxation and positivity. So if you need a breath of fresh air in your routine, beaches make for a fantastic summer walk.


Another thing that will make you smile when taking in a beach stroll is the great workout it gives your legs and glutes. The resistance in the sand means these large muscles work even harder, whether you are picking up the pace or not. This means you’ll get a much greater calorie burn than if you were on the treadmill or pavement.

Hill Hike


A hike is a great workout that can really work your whole body, depending on the difficulty level of trail. Incorporate different inclines and terrains, and you’ll still feel the burn despite the low-intensity level of exercise. Don’t jump straight in at a tough hike if you are unused to exploring in rural areas. Check the area’s websites for advice and tips, or consider doing your first advanced hike with a group while you get the hang of things.


To really ramp up your calorie burn, choose a trail to try out scrambling. This is the middle ground between walking and climbing. You won’t need specialist equipment, but you will be engaging your muscles.

Urban Exploration


Picking a new town or city to explore can be a great way of racking up your steps. The key is to not allow yourself to be distracted by the myriad of shops and cafes.

Plan a route that incorporates sights that you are interested in, and keep moving along it. Choosing a weekday is generally best to maintain a pace if you are going to sights that might attract crowds at peak times. Weaving around other visitors might burn more calories, but it could soon get frustrating that you can’t pick up your pace.



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