High Intensity Interval Training | Burn Christmas Dinner Calories

Written by Jack Boardman

Burn Christmas Dinner Calories With High Intensity Interval Training

You can probably already envision the scenario: it’s the umpteenth Christmas dinner and you or someone at the table mentions calories or ill-fitting waistbands. Between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day you’ve been at a family dinner occasion to cater to every single member of your extended family. There have been roasts, every poultry known to man – sometimes three cooked inside one another. There have been buffets, party treats, mince pies, trifle and a sociable tipple at every given moment.


For the mass muscle builder at the Christmas dinner table, the volume of protein, carbs and calories to be consumed is bliss, and serious muscle gains and volume can be made if the aforementioned fuels can be utilised with some heavy lifting.

proper weight training to build muscle

For those trying to stay lean with no choice but to eat what’s given them this holiday season – it would be rude not to – you face a little bit of work to burn off those calories. To begin, let’s reiterate the value of food as fuel for your sports and workout performance, whether you’re a heavy weight lifter, runner or overall health conscious.


Nutrition is essential following a match and training. When you’ve put your body through high intensity interval workouts your body needs vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and fats to recover, for strength and building muscle.


After taking in excessive calories, an excellent way to burn it off, to tone and lose a little weight without cutting corners is high intensity training. If you’re looking for a solid solution to the energy you’ve stored away while sitting around watching Christmas films, to put that nutrition to use and put in work for faster, better results, high intensity training is a good way to get back on track with your training and kick start the New Year.

Girls Who Lift

High intensity interval training is the quintessential example of a workout from which you get out what you put in. Couch potatoes need not apply unless you’re looking for 0-100 intensity (zero being the sofa, 100 being, well, you’ll see).


So how does it work? High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves short, intense bursts of high intensity anaerobic exercise with lower intensity recovery periods. Now, let’s look at a list of some of the things you want to hear.


HIIT Burns Calories And Fat: Not only does it burn calories over a shorter period of time, you will lost mass without losing muscle and will continue to burn calories and fat after you’re done. Sound like a Christmas miracle, doesn’t it? The price is that you achieve this with four minutes of high intensity exhausting exercise compared to, say, a long, slow jog.

overhead squat

HIIT Boosts Your Metabolism. HIIT uses more oxygen than non-interval workouts. Because of the excess oxygen you consume your metabolism increases to burn calories at a faster rate.4


HIIT Increases Endurance And Decreases Your Training Time. Handy when there’s so much going on over Christmas.


HIIT Doesn’t Require Gym Equipment. This is good if you’re somewhere remote or without transport over Christmas. Press-ups, burpees, squats, lunges are all you need – in short, anything that will get your heart rate up quickly so you needn’t worry about getting to the gym. The aim is to increase your heart rate without the need for weights or targeting muscle groups, but because you will be working them, while you burn fat you will maintain your muscle. Because there’s no need to go to the gym and equipment is not required, you are free to pick and choose which exercises you use, adding diversity to each session.

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