Effects of Green Tea and Resistance Training on Metabolism

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Effects of green tea and resistance training on body composition and metabolism


Green tea is often quoted as a behemoth of the fat loss world, having both thermogenic and anti-obesity properties. Its weight loss potential has recently been investigated in a study produced by Cardosa et al. (2013). The team paid special credence to the effects of green tea consumption when combined with resistance training on body composition and resting metabolic rate (RMR). Obviously studies like this are becoming more important as we endeavour to not only improve our body composition but also increase our RMR to benefit our fat burning potential. Biometric tests and blood tests were employed to calculate the bio indicators used in the experiments and each individual was given a protocol to follow for 12 weeks in total.

The findings were very interesting. Those individuals who were given green tea only, displayed a significant decrease in their RMR which was accompanied by; weight loss, a decrease in waist circumference, a decrease in body mass index and a maintenance of lean body mass. Those individuals who were given both green tea and a resistance training displayed a significant increase in their RMR accompanied by; increased lean body mass, added muscle strength, significant decreases in body fat and waist circumference and triglycerides. What this seems to suggest is that although green tea alone is a great addition to any weight loss regime, its effects are seemingly amplified when used in conjunction with a resistance based programme. The added benefits of increasing RMR are frequently discussed; increasing your RMR will increase the number of calories you consume at rest, this combined with the resistance programme will go some way to explain the decreased body fat and waist circumference. Obviously implementing resistance training will explain the increase in muscle mass and a combination of both factors should explain the increase in lean body mass.

Would it be worthwhile implementing green tea into your resistance supplement stack? It would seem that the answer would be yes. Judging from the results of this current study and other studies relating to the use of green tea it would seem like a worthy addition to any resistance training programme.



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