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Keep Your Macros On Track With 4 Brand-New Iceland Myprotein Meals

Keep Your Macros On Track With 4 Brand-New Iceland Myprotein Meals
Writer and expert3 months ago
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I get it, it’s easy to forget to meal prep but you’ve got goals to smash, so what can you do? With the Myprotein x Iceland range, you can smash your macros without the prep.

We've had the Meat Feast Pasta, the Halloumi Breakfast and the classic Beef Lasagne, but with a new year it was time for some new additions to the range. Let's find out what they are.

American Waffles

If you're looking for something for dessert while getting your protein intake, then you’re in luck. Simply whack these delicious protein waffles into your toaster and bon appetit. They go perfectly with a scoop of Myprotein ice cream too.

Packed with 6g of protein, 5.6g fat and 116kcal per serving.


Chicken Teriyaki

Be adventurous with teriyaki chicken with yakisoba noodles with some added broccoli, spring onion and peppers just to top it all off. Simply pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and you’re ready to go.

Packed with 55.6g of protein, 9.9g fat and 687.5kcal per serving.


Hoisin No-Duck Wrap

Indulge in hoisin duck but without the duck. Instead, these delicious vegan-friendly wraps are filled with soy protein, edamame beans, black turtle beans and sweet red peppers.

Packed with 28.5g of protein, 12.2g fat and 547.2kcal per serving.


Tandoori Mixed Grill

Bring home the taste of the tandoor with minced beef, marinated chicken, lamb and kofta on a bed of fluffy long-grain white rice, peas, red onion and peppers.

Can be cooked in the oven or microwaved, whichever you prefer.

Packed with 56.1g of protein, 12.7g fat and 616kcal per serving.

To see more of the Iceland range, check out what Jamie our nutritionist had to say when he reviewed them.


Nutritionist Reviews Myprotein X Iceland Meals

Are the macros worth the hype? Here are the details...

2 months agoBy Jamie Wright

Take home message

Keep your freezer well stocked with the Myprotein x Iceland range, and you’ll be able to enjoy quick, high-protein meals in a matter of minutes, whenever you need. You might run out of time to prep, but that doesn’t mean your goals should suffer.

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Hybrid Athlete Reviews Myprotein x Iceland Meal Prep

“It’s 10 out of 10. Go and get it. Get them all.”

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Writer and expert
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