Fitness Motivation: 5 Ways to get Motivated


Fitness Motivation: 5 Ways to get Motivated


1. Set Yourself a Goal


If you’re looking to start your fitness journey the first thing to do when it comes to getting motivated is to set an achievable goal. What exactly is it you want to achieve and what do you want to get out of dieting or working out? Are you trying to lose weight? Gain muscle? Or just generally become fitter and healthier?


Consider what you want to get out of your health and fitness journey and in what time frame. By setting yourself a goal you’ll be able to tailor your workout regime and diet plan accordingly and also have something to motivate you and work towards over a long period of time. By deciding what you want before you start, you’ll be less likely to focus and see changes.



However, it’s important to make sure your goals are realistic! You won’t see results over night and any goals you set, need to be considered over prolonged periods of times- think months- not days or weeks. To breakdown the journey to your goal, be sure to set clear milestones that you can achieve along the way– that way you can tailor your training and nutrition and know you’re on the right lines depending on your progress- whilst being motivated by little changes in your body as you reach each milestone.


2. Plan with a Gym Buddy and Schedule your Workouts


The second tip to getting motivated is to always set a time to work out. By setting a dedicated time to workout everyday you’ll be less likely to use the “I’m tired” or “I just don’t have time” excuse. There will always be another reason to why you should’nt work out- but none of them are going to bring you any closer towards your personal goal! So forget the same old excuses! Whether you’re a morning or evening person make sure you sit down each week and schedule your workouts- remember its only an hour a day.



To stick to your timetable, try planning to workout with a friend. By finding a gym buddy with similar aspirations and goals to you, you can support each other, leaving you more motivated and less likely to give an excuse- you can’t leave your friend on their own right?


3. Give yourself a Reward


Okay so when i say give yourself a reward- this doesn’t mean fill up on junk food or enjoy a celebratory cake after every gym session. Find ways to reward yourself for your hard work that doesn’t involve food. This might mean buying yourself a gift such as a new trainers or even taking some time to pamper yourself and enjoy yourself- you could go to the cinema, bowling or even just laugh and relax with friends. Remember you have a choice when it comes to working out and by rewarding yourself you’ll have a greater incentive and positive reinforcements that will make you more motivated toward achieving your goal.


4. Positive Thinking- Change your Perspective


If you think positive- you act positive and you will get positive results. If you expected to fail- the chances are you probably will. See your fitness journey from a positive perspective- Okay so one week you might not have progressed, you may even have took a small step back due to a family gathering or night out- take time out to remember why you started in the first place. You want to be healthier and improve both mentally and physically. Forgive yourself for anything that happened yesterday or today and think of tomorrow as a new day. By remembering why you started and thinking positively about yourself you can stay motivated not to give up when the going suddenly gets tough. It’s easy to think everything should happen quickly and perfectly- but that’s just not how life in general works. There’s going to be ups and downs- but if you stay positive and move forward each day you can keep getting closer to your health and fitness goals.



5. Results are the Best Motivation


The last tip for getting motivated is to picture your future self and track your progress. There is nothing more motivating than seeing hard work pay off and the physical changes your body makes during your fitness journey. Make sure you take time to measure yourself and take progress photos. Often enough it’s easy not to notice small changes when we look in the mirror so many times in one day, but by physically recording the changes, there’s simply no ignoring them! Recognise when your hard work has made a physical difference and keep envisioning what you want to become so you can keep working towards it.



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