Women burn fat faster with a high protein pre-workout meal

Everyone knows that fat loss is a simple case of energy balance – take in more calories than you expend and you will gain weight, take in fewer than you expend and you will lose weight. Metabolism is a key component of this equation – raise your metabolism and you will expend more calories, making it easier to be in a calorie deficit.

But is it true that the female metabolism is slower than the male? Researchers analysed data collected from 81 participants (49 of which women). The study tracked both upper and lower-body subcutaneous fat storage rates during walking.

It turns out men and women have slight differences when it comes to burning fat (*1). So, the female metabolism is slower than the male metabolism, but that does not mean that women cannot achieve a “toned” look.

An easy way to burn fat faster

Fat burning can be triggered by simply making small changes to your nutritional habits. An easy nutritional tip to boost metabolism is to have a high protein meal before a workout.

Data collected from active college-aged women and published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport show that having a high protein pre-workout meal can increase the body’s energy expenditure by 98% which in turn helps to burn more fat (*2).


Research shows that pre-workout nutrition is very important and can contribute to weight loss. Eating a good protein source such as beef, chicken and fish before a workout is an easy way of giving an extra boost to your metabolism. For convenience, you can have a protein shake or a protein bar instead.

Myprotein’s pre-workout meal suggestions:


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