The World Deadlift Championship: Three Weeks and Counting.

Europe’s Strongest Man and Deadlift Championship 2014


This week the Myprotein team headed down to York to watch our Ambassador Benni Magusson train for the world deadlift championship 2014.


On the 9th of August, alongside Europe’s strongest man, Myprotein will be sponsoring the world deadlift championship hosted at Leeds Headingley stadium. At just three weeks away, Benni is a top contender to take the World Deadlift Championship title, reaching an impressive 410Kg in training alone. To see Benni in action check out his recent training video here.


The Deadlift Champion



Benedikt Magnússon


This year Benni hopes to beat his own powerlifting world record of 460Kg, but is up against some fierce competition! With training videos circulating social media, Brian Shaw and Andy Bolton are both said to be bringing their best this year, where at the World’s strongest man 2013 Shaw managed to deadlift a remarkable 442.5Kg.


Watching our very own ambassador train, here at Myprotein, we know he’s certainly bringing his A game to Leeds this year and have no doubts on his ability to outshine the competition. So let’s give it up for the inspirational Benedikt Magnússon. Fuel Your Ambition.


Benedikt Magnússon



Writer and expert

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