Week 6


Good job, you have come so far! Your metabolism has got a massive boost during the past 5 weeks. It is time to step it up a notch! It’s the last week and the last chance to get big results.

It’s super important that you stick to the plan 100%. Only then we are able to find out what works for you and what does not; more cardio, more heavy weight or 50-50.

On week 1&4 the emphasis was be on cardio, week 2&5 was 50-50 cardio and gym workouts and week 3&6 is more about heavy weights and less cardio.

When you stick to the plans 100%, you can find out what kind of a plan works for you. Great chance for you to get “tools” for the rest of your life! We are all different and one plan does not work for everybody! Regarding macronutrients (the amount of carbs, proteins and fats) there is not much difference between the weeks. This way you will be able to find out what kind of workout regime works for you when consuming very little calories, yet healthy and nutritious food. After 6 weeks you are able to look back and tell which one of the weeks were the best for you.

There will be a change in the macronutrients this week. We are keeping the carbs low and protein intake high. We are having more healthy fats this week. The daily intake is not high at all, as most of the good carbs are from vegetables, so please make sure not to skip any of the meals!

Every single meal has its purpose in this plan. If you do skip meal and consume too little calories, your metabolism may slow down drastically! Something we do not want to happen. You have probably lost some or a lot weight by now, make sure not to be afraid to eat all the meals. Your body is used to getting all the 7meals now, make sure to keep it the same way from now on. This will help you lose fat & tone-up!

If you lost less than 3lbs since last Monday, make sure you are consuming more water this week. Min 3.0L per day this week! Make sure you are having a little bit of salt on each meal. If you been feeling nauseous, make sure you are getting enough sodium.

If you lost more than 3lbs since last Monday, make sure to follow the plan 100%, if you start skipping meals or leave some foods out of the plan, your metabolism may slow down. Something we do not want to happen at this point! So keep on the good work and follow the plans & enjoy the meals!

STILL: absolutely no sauces, fizzy drinks, sweets or anything else that is not on the plan. Add salt to at least 4 meals per day. Cutting out salt will make your body hold on to the water that may cause weight gain! Little bit of added salt with lots of water is the way to go!

Max 2 cups of coffee per day. The more coffee and caffeine, the more water. No 0kcal drinks! Water with added lemon will boost your metabolism big time!

Mix & Match as you please!

Make sure to always have 1 option from both groups: A & B on each meal. Have 6 meals daily.

Make sure to add “extras” on each meal! Dark leafy greens on each meal this week.




100g Chicken/Turkey, natural

120g white fish (no salmon!!)

80g low fat minced beef (once per day, 30mins before gym)




120g in total (Make sure to have them all daily) :

Asparagus, Mixed Peppers, Green Beans, Carrot, Broccoli, Cauliflower




Have as much as you like :

Spinach, Lettuce, Rucola, fresh & dried herbs.

Once per day:

50g non-fat yoghurt & 10g mixed seeds (unsalted, natural)

2 rice cakes (unsalted) & 1tsp organic peanut butter




Once per day, after gym:

25g Impact Whey Protein (100kcal)

BCAA & Glutamine & Zinc

Twice per day, before exercising:

3 MCT oil caps. / 1tsp MCT oil / 1scoop MCT powder

Vitamin C 1000mg & Vitamin B6 & B12


MONDAY & SUNDAY MORNING: Change meal #1 to :

Pancakes: 25g Impact Whey Protein + 20g Instant Oats + 10g Coconut Oil + 50g strawberries + 2tsp Peanut Butter





The second week will be more about resistance training. We really want to give the metabolism a kick boost! Make sure to come up with the weights a little bit and keep focus on each rep. Using heavier weights and really giving it your all at each rep will make your HR rise and will make you sweat more than ever!

Try to follow the schedule and try to fit in all the workouts of the week. There are less workouts this week, but they are all super important. If you miss a workout, fit it in in another day, just try complete all the workouts by Saturday. Sunday you are giving your metabolism a boost with the special breakfast. You are also giving your body a rest on Sunday so make sure to take it easy.
Intensity, focus and heavy weights are going to be the key to this week’s gym workouts. Rest between rounds. Rest as long as you want to, everything between 1mins to 2mins is fine. Make sure you are giving it your all at each round. It is more about the focus than the speed this week.

With the cardio workouts, alternate the intensity – get your heart rate up, then slow down, again get the HR up and come down. This will really boost your metabolism. Get your HR up by either increasing the speed or by adding resistance!

The workouts provided here can all be done either home or at the gym. For the home workout you need preferably some dumbbells or an elastic band. When barbell is stated on the plan, dumbbells can easily be used as a substitute.

On the first page you will find your cardio plan, on the second page all the gym workouts.

“Strong IS the new sexy!”




To be done either separately in the morning, or after a gym workout.

MONDAY Bike 10mins (standing up)

TUESDAY Treadmill 30mins, Incline 15.0, Speed 5.0

THURSDAY Bike 10mins (standing up)

MONDAY Rowing machine 10mins (standing up)




4 Rounds, go heavy!!

6 Lunge barbell squats

6 Wide barbell squats (toes, knees pointing outwards)

6 One leg bench barbell sit-ups

60sec Mountain Climbers (on the floor)

60sec Sit-up, 10kg



3 Rounds, go heavy!!

6 One arm side lateral raises

6 One arm side lateral raises (thumbs pointing up)

6 One arm barbell curls

8 Tricep dip push-up (dip machine, slow pace, all the way down)




6 Rounds on Stairmaster/Stepper

2mins, low pace

2min, quick pace

1min, low pace

1min, quick pace

10 hanging leg raise (alternatively lying on a bench)

10 hanging side raise (obliques, alternatively lying on a bench)



5 Rounds, go heavy!!

5 Smith wide squat

5 Smith narrow squat

10 Sit-ups with added weight

60sec Plank (rising up from elbows to straight arms)

After 5 rounds: 100 narrow squat jumps, 100 wide squat jumps, 100 burpees



Light weights, quick pace, short rest periods.

3×20 Lay back leg raises

3×20 Lay back side leg raises (obliques)

100 narrow squat jumps

100 wide squat jumps

100 burpees

Keep tomorrow’s pancake in mind and GO!!! Last workout of the week!