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Easter Recipe | Homemade Protein Egg


If you are going to tuck into a big Chocolate egg this Easter make sure it’s this one!

61g of protein, 7g of Sugar and all the gooey goodness of a creme egg… And you only need 5 ingredients!


150g Myprotein Cacao Liquor Buttons

50g Myprotein Protein Dessert (Salted Caramel)

20g Myprotein Cashew Butter

10g Myprotein Almond Butter

100ml Almond Milk


1) Melt the cacao liquor in the microwave until smooth.

2) Pour into a large egg mould and leave to set for 2 to 3 hours.

3) Once the cacao has set remove from the mould and refrigerate.

4) Mix the protein dessert with the almond milk and mix until thick.

5) Spoon the protein dessert mix in the centre of the egg.

6) Add the cashew butter into the centre.

7) Add the almond butter in the centre of the cashew butter.

Tuck in!

Macros per egg

Calories – 1311

Carbs – 35g

Fat – 99g

Protein – 61g

Sugar – 7g

Gemma Amery

Gemma Amery

Writer and expert

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