What Is Micellar Whey Protein? | Protein Infographic

As sports nutritionists, we are often asked “what is the most effective type of protein for muscle growth, repair and adaptation whilst we are sleeping?” Well, say a warm welcome to this ground-breaking Micellar Whey protein powder which is more than just your standard whey and casein supplements.

During periods of sleep, the body can become starved of nutrients and can start to break down lean muscle tissue for energy. Maintaining a lean muscular physique is appealing to the majority of recreational and professional athletes as a low body fat percentage combined with a lean muscular mass can be a defining characteristic for health and performance.

Micellar Whey has the potential to revolutionise the multi-billion pound sports nutrition market as it uniquely boasts the amino acid profile of whey, and the absorption properties of casein. Therefore, it has the anabolic properties to stimulate the rate at which the body makes new proteins (protein synthesis) as well as the capability to trickle feed aminos into your muscles over the long hours you sleep at night.

Take a look at this detailed and educational infographic surrounding Myprotein’s Micellar Whey Protein to strengthen your awareness and knowledge of what can only be called a ‘Game Changer’ for night-time recovery!

Protein Infographic-7 (2)



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