Myprotein’s Best Whey Protein Flavours According To You

Here at Myprotein we like to think we know a thing or two about protein powder. It’s our bread and butter.

Because we love it so much, we’re always thinking of weird and wonderful new flavours. Our product development team is always busy. I mean, we’ve got over 40 flavours of Impact Whey alone.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a protein-picking dilemma, a good place to start is what’s the most popular. Thankfully, I’ve had a look into the data to find out what comes out on top. Here are the top 10 Impact Whey Protein and Clear Whey flavours.

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Top 10 Whey Protein Flavours

Impact Whey Protein is our OG protein powder. With 21g of high-quality protein in each serving and more than 40 flavours, Impact Whey is a reliable choice for helping you build the gains you deserve.

1. Vanilla

I can’t say I was surprised to see this one come out on top.

Whoever says vanilla is boring has never tasted Vanilla-flavour Impact Whey Protein. It never disappoints, bringing ultimate creaminess and a rich vanilla flavour.

2. Chocolate Brownie

Coming in at number two is Chocolate Brownie. Another classic, this flavour is rich and chocolatey. It’s no surprise it’s one of our most loved flavours.

Delivering a protein punch in a satisfying shake, we commend you for this stellar choice.

3. Chocolate Smooth

Another classic. Chocolate Smooth does exactly what it says on the tin. A smooth and creamy chocolate shake perfect for all occasions, whether that’s post-workout, pre-workout, or a before-bed snack.

Chocolate Smooth Impact Whey Protein mixes brilliantly in things like oats, makes for a great addition to a milkshake and is smooth like chocolate all on its own.

4. Cookies and Cream

Peanut butter and jam, Ant and Dec, cookies and cream. Everyone’s favourite duos. And you can add Cookies and Cream to the list.

Ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth, it delivers 21g of protein per serving as well as great flavour. To anyone who picks this flavour, I salute you.

5. Natural Chocolate

OK, I think I’m beginning to get it. You all like chocolate protein.

Coming in hot at number five is Natural Chocolate Impact Whey Protein. For those who like to stick to the classics, this is a winner.

This quintessential flavour is perfect for those who love to mix their protein with things like yoghurt, oats or milkshakes as it’s so versatile, but it also works brilliantly on its own.

6. Salted Caramel

It’s clear at this point that our customers have great taste.

The sixth most popular Impact Whey Protein flavour is Salted Caramel. Let’s be honest, if you see this flavour on the menu, you’re ordering it. And when it packs a protein punch too? Sold. 21g of protein, great flavour and smooth texture.

7. White Chocolate

You probably know someone who prefers white chocolate to regular chocolate. If you don’t, it’s probably you.

This indulgent-tasting flavour is for all the white chocolate lovers out there — and clearly there are a lot of you. Perfect for mixing into your meals or enjoying on its own, this flavour might not have come top, but it’s definitely a winner.

8. Strawberry Cream

Think of long summer days enjoying strawberries and cream in the garden. Now imagine that with 21g of protein, and you’ve got Strawberry Cream flavour.

It may come in at number eight, but that’s quite an achievement given we’ve got more than 40 flavours. Strawberry Cream flavour might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely a favourite of many.

9. Chocolate Mint

Repeat after me: mint chocolate does not taste like toothpaste-covered chocolate.

This flavour might be divisive, but it’s a cult classic. Think mint chocolate ice cream. Perfect for whipping up a milkshake (try adding mint choc chip ice cream and thank us later) or ideal for enjoying on its own as a post-workout snack.

10. Natural Strawberry

Ending things on a summery note, the number 10 spot goes to Natural Strawberry.

For those who always choose a strawberry milkshake over chocolate, this flavour makes for a tasty snack. Whether it’s pre or post-workout or an addition to breakfast, Natural Strawberry is a flavour you can rely on. You’ll get great taste shake after shake.

Top 10 Clear Whey Flavours

Juicy protein is a must for the summer. For those days where a creamy shake just isn’t hitting the spot, Clear Whey provides a lighter, more refreshing option. Here are the top 10 Clear Whey flavours.

Honourable mention: Vimto®

Before I jump into the flavours that fly off the shelves month after month, I have to give an honourable mention to Vimto®.

That’s right, it’s back. By popular demand. If you managed to get your hands on the last Vimto® Clear Whey launch (lucky you) then you’ll know it deserves its special shoutout on this list.

Refreshingly different, the product technologists have combined the iconic Vimto flavour with 20g of high-quality whey protein.

And we’ve got a brand-new flavour too — Orange, Strawberry & Lime. You’re welcome.

1. Orange Mango

Judging from our Instagram comments, Orange Mango being crowned as the number one Clear Whey flavour is no surprise.

This flavour screams summer. Adding this flavour to your basket can only bring good things. Summer vibes and gains all round.

2. Cranberry & Raspberry

Taking the runner-up spot is Cranberry & Raspberry Clear Whey.

There’s no doubt this flavour is a fan favourite. Tasting just like squash and containing 20g of protein, Cranberry & Raspberry is too juicy for its own good. Definitely a good choice.

And there are loads of recipes you can make with this flavour. Try this Clear Whey Jelly Sweets recipe with your next tub.

3. Peach Tea

One sip of Peach Tea Clear Whey and you’ll be transported to that first sip of peach tea on holiday. Yes, that one.

This irresistible flavour is refreshing, packed with 20g of protein and brings all the holiday vibes. Good choice, guys, good choice.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon has got to be one of the best summer snacks. So why not get that watermelon flavour with 20g of protein too?

Watermelon flavour Clear Whey ranks number four. And I can see why. It’s a good one.

BTW this flavour makes incredible ice lollies. Thank me later.

5. Pineapple

Let’s get tropical now. Pineapple Clear Whey comes in at number five.

The perfect refreshing summer protein drink, Pineapple Clear Whey delivers 20g of protein and a tropical taste. Delicious on its own or elevate it by whipping up a Piña Colada for that summer BBQ.

6. Orange

For those of you who like to stick to the classics, Orange could be the flavour for you. And it seems that could be a lot of you, with Orange coming in at number six on the list.

Packing in 20g of protein, Orange Clear Whey will quench that post-workout thirst or fuel you up pre-gym sesh. Enjoy on its own or mix it up with one of our Clear Whey Mocktail Recipes.

7. Apple

An Apple (flavoured Clear Whey) a day keeps the doctor away. That’s what they say, right?

This tangy flavour coming in at number seven will satisfy your tastebuds and your macros, delivering 20g of protein per serving. Shake it up for a refreshing post-workout shake or bung in the freezer to make some killer protein popsicles.

8. Rainbow Candy

Rainbow Candy takes the number eight spot on this list with its nostalgic flavour.

Throwing it back to visions of sherbet lollies, Rainbow Candy will definitely get your mouth watering while giving you 20g of protein per serving.

And we’ve got some incredible recipes made for this flavour if you fancy mixing up your post workout snack, like these rainbow ice lollies. Yes please.

9. Grape

Although it might be more of a cult classic, Grape is definitely worth trying as it ranks at the number nine spot.

The tart, refreshing flavour goes down brilliantly post-workout on a hot sunny day. Swap it into any of our Clear Whey recipes if you fancy something different, or simply shake it up and enjoy it on its own.

10. Mojito

Last but by no means least is Mojito.

You might have seen this one flying around social media, and for good reason. It’s a much-loved flavour that’ll make your protein and mocktail dreams come true.

Our product technologists worked hard to get this flavour to taste just like a refreshing Mojito. I have to say, they smashed it. The perfect way to get 20g of protein on a hot summer’s day.

Impact Whey Protein Alternatives

While it might be the OG, Impact Whey protein isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re a vegan, lactose intolerant, or looking for something a little leaner to aid weight loss, there are still loads of great protein options out there.

Impact Whey Isolate

Another protein with plenty of flavour choice, Impact Whey Isolate is ideal for those looking for a protein powder with a higher protein content. Impact Whey Isolate contains zero fat and 23g of protein per serving. They’re some macros I can get behind.

Vegan Protein

When it comes to plant-based protein, we’ve got all bases covered.

Vegan protein blend is the perfect all-rounder. Combining pea and fava bean protein isolates, this blend provides a full amino acid profile (which can be rare in vegan proteins) and 20g of high-quality plant-based protein.

Vegan Protein Blend not for you? Don’t worry, we’ve also got Soy Protein Isolate, Hemp Protein, Pea Protein Isolate and Brown Rice Protein. Whichever you pick, they all help you achieve your plant-based goals.

And of course, if you’re looking for a lighter plant-based protein shake, try Clear Vegan or Clear Soy. You won’t be disappointed.

Slow-Release Casein

Casein is often thought of as the bedtime shake. That’s because it provides a slow release of milk protein, giving your body a sustained supply between meals or while you’re snoozing.

Take home message

Whew, I’m thirsty now.

There are so many flavours of whey protein to choose from, but there are clear favourites that come out on top every month for customers. So hopefully, these whey protein flavour rankings will help making that important flavour decision that little bit easier.

Whatever flavour you choose, I don’t think you can really go wrong.



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