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Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette Recipe


Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette Recipe


Searching my freezer and fridge in the hunt for some good protein… no chicken, no fish, no red meat… other than lentils my options were pretty limited! But there in the corner I spotted a sweet potato and some eggs…bingo! Spanish omelette is a recipe that combines vegetables, eggs, cheese (not in this one) and potato,to create a delicious filling meal. In this recipe instead of normal potato I used sweet potato and dropped the cheese for a healthier take… forget the boring omelettes try this recipe!




To get going here’s what you’ll need:


3 eggs

2 egg whites

½ a yellow pepper

1 onion

1 small sweet potato

2 mushrooms

Handful of spinach

Clove of garlic


Salt and pepper





Step One

Pierce your sweet potato with a fork and cook in the microwave for 3 minutes. Remove and slice into thick disks.

Chop the rest of your vegetables.

Step Two

Begin frying your potatoes and vegetables in a pan using low calorie oil spray.

Beat your eggs in a separate bowl.

Step Three

After around 6 minutes of cooking (and stirring with a spatula) add your beaten eggs and let cook for around 5 minutes.

Place your pan under the grill for another 5 minutes.

Remove, slice and enjoy.

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