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This Protein Shake Meal Replacement Recipe Helps Keep Your Diet On Track

This Protein Shake Meal Replacement Recipe Helps Keep Your Diet On Track
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Finding yourself reaching for the junk food? Try this protein shake meal replacement for a nutritionally balanced, ultra-convenient way to help you stick to your healthy eating plan.

meal replacement shake

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What's so great about meal replacement shakes?

1. Super-convenient

While it's still important to eat a healthy balanced diet, nutritious meals aren't always readily available while you're out and about. Swapping in a nutritionally balanced meal replacement shake is the next best thing.

2. Nutritionally balanced

Meal replacement shakes often contain a balanced blend of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre vitamins and minerals. Every serving of Whole Fuel contains 30g protein, 40g carbohydrates 20-40% of the recommended daily intakes of the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

3. Affordable

They're a super-affordable way to get a nutritious meal in, at around a tenth of the price of a supermarket ready meal.

4. Time-saving

Not got the time to make a decent meal? No problem. All you have to do is add water or milk to the powder and you're good to go.

5. Calorie-controlled

If you're looking to lose weight, it's important to control your calorie intake – ensuring you burn off more than you consume. Meal replacement shakes are an easy way to track your calories without having to get the food scales out. Plus, research shows meal replacement shakes can safely and effectively aid weight loss1.

6. Great for fueling your workout

You need dietary protein to fuel muscle growth and recovery and carbs for energy and muscle glycogen replenishment – meal replacement shakes contain the perfect blend of both. Take around an hour before or directly after your workout for best results.

7. Filling

Protein is well-known to increase satiety (fullness) levels, as it stimulates hormones that tell your brain you're full2. Always look for meal replacement shakes with a decent protein content – around 25g protein or more per serving.

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You can simply shake Whole Fuel with water or milk and consume straight away, or try blending with your favourite fruit for a little extra texture.

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1. Simply place all ingredients into a blender and process until creamy and smooth. Add more milk or water for a thinner consistency if you prefer.

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Nutritional info per serving:

Total Fat18g
Total Carbohydrates46g

1. Heymsfield, S. B., Van Mierlo, C. A. J., Van der Knaap, H. C. M., Heo, M., & Frier, H. I. (2003). Weight management using a meal replacement strategy: meta and pooling analysis from six studies. International Journal of Obesity27(5), 537-549.

2. Veldhorst, M., Smeets, A. J. P. G., Soenen, S., Hochstenbach-Waelen, A., Hursel, R., Diepvens, K., … & Westerterp-Plantenga, M. (2008). Protein-induced satiety: effects and mechanisms of different proteins. Physiology & Behavior94(2), 300-307.

Writer and expert
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