Beefy Breakfast Recipe


Beefy Breakfast Recipe


Are you sick of the same boring breakfasts? Want to try something new? This Beefy Breakfast recipe is sure to spice up your breakfast times.


Ingredients for Beefy Breakfast:

150g           British Beef or Beef Jerky
3                  Whole Free Range Eggs
Dash of       Milk (optional)
½ tsp of     Basil


  1. Chop the beef into slices and fry in MyProtein Coconpure oil for 3-4 minutes.
  2. In another pan, break 3 eggs into it; add a dash of milk (optional) and basil. On a medium heat keep stirring until scrambled eggs are at your desired consistency.
  3. Serve for a fantastic high protein and fat meal.







beefy breakfast


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