Peach-Mango BCAA Mojito Mocktail | This Is What Makes Us

We’re celebrating what makes us Myprotein, and what better to celebrate than fueling up on your daily BCAAs with an invigorating BCAA mocktail!


✓ 1 scoop Myprotein BCAA powder (Peach Mango flavour)

✓ 10 mint leaves

✓ ¼ mango (cut into chunks)

✓ ½ fresh lime (cut into 4 wedges)

✓ Large handful crushed ice

✓ Dash soda water


#1 Place BCAA powder, mint and mango into glass and muddle using the back-end of a wooden spoon, press down gently on the leaves and lightly twist the spoon

#2 Squeeze all of the lime wedges into the glass, leave in two and throwing away the other two

#3 Fill the glass to the brim with crushed ice and top with soda, then use a long spoon to stir the mocktail

#4 Add a little extra crushed ice and fuel up on your BCAAs with a fruity twist!


Calories: 60            Protein: 1g            Fat: 0g           Carbs: 16g

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