deadlift correct form and exercise technique

Benefits Of Compound Movement Exercises | Build Mass, Burn Fat

  By Personal Trainer & Health Consultant | William Slatter   The resistance exercises you do in the gym can ...
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superfood blends

Why You Need Superfoods In Your Diet | Benefits Of Fruit & Veg Blends

  Fruit and veg blends are a growing trend within the fitness industry, and for good reason! ...
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How To Use Skin Fold Calipers | Measuring Body Fat Percentage

  By Personal Trainer & Health Consultant | William Slatter If there is one thing which all gym goers ...
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guarana extract

What Is Guarana Extract? | Benefits of Drinks & Powdered Supplements

  By Myprotein Writer | Chris Tack Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Imagine, it is 1669 and you are a part ...
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how to sleep better

How Does Stress Affect My Workouts? | Effects Of Stress On The Body

  Luke Teuma | UK Personal Trainer   There are so many factors which can affect your motivation and ...
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how to sleep better

Sleep Deprived? | How To Sleep Better & Boost Energy Levels

  By Personal Trainer Brendan O’Keeffe |   The importance of sleep is grossly underestimated. This seems to be particularly ...
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Healthy Lunch Recipe | Salmon Burger & Sweet Potato Salad

  Stuck for lunch ideas? Try this simple, yet delicious Salmon Burger and Sweet Potato recipe! Ingredients   1 Raw Medium ...
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bionic body

Inspirational Athlete Stories | Bionic Body Wheelchair IFBB Champion’15 | Myprotein Video

  Here at Myprotein, we’re privileged to have Bionic Body share his life-changing story of how he adjusted to ...
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guacamole recipe

Healthy Snacks | Easy Homemade Guacamole Recipe

    Our simple guacamole recipe is the perfect quick and easy snack! It will last in the fridge ...
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weekend warriors playlist

Weekend Warriors | The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Love a bit of weekend training? Get your blood pumping with our Weekend Warriors playlist! Weekend Warriors | The ...
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increase running mileage

4 Tips For Increasing Mileage Without Causing Injury

  By Triathlete Katie Jemima Synge As a full-time triathlete, my programme includes six runs per week, two ...
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endomorphs training

Fat Burning For Endomorphs | Body Type Training & Diet Tips

By Myprotein Writer | Alex Simpson Following on what “What Body Shape Are You?” and "Muscle Building For Ectomorphs," we’re ...
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