Myprotein Fitness Blogger Awards 2015 – Nominate your Favourite Blogger

As the Number 1 Sports Nutrition brand in Europe, Myprotein is constantly connecting with blogging enthusiasts in the area of ...
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burning calories

Boost Your Metabolism | 8 Ways To Burn More Calories

  Doing something is better than doing nothing, we all know that. However, sometimes we can do everything right but ...
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women and protein

Do Women Even Need Protein? | Top 3 Myths Busted

 By Emma Campbell www.whatemmadid.com There are a few different stereotypes when it comes to protein intake and diets, especially when ...
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kirk mill,er shoulder supersets

Super-Sized Shoulders | 3 Supersets To Add Into Your Workout

  Shoulder supersets are a highly underutilised, but effective way of overloading your muscles that can lead to a huge ...
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creatine for women

Creatine For Women | Should I Take It And Why?

By Nicky Royle Owner and Founder of Proteinology Women may avoid taking creatine for a number of reasons. Personally, I didn’t know ...
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rugby wolves myprotein

Rugby | WOLVES To Be Fuelled By Myprotein In 2016

  Myprotein are proud to announce a partnership with Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club ahead of the 2016 Super League ...
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clean bulk and cutting

Clean Bulk and Cut PART 1 | How To Design A Diet

  “There is no secret” – that’s the answer you are most likely to hear when questioning jacked and shredded ...
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transatlantic row ocean reunion

Training For A 3,000 Mile Transatlanic Row | Fuelled By Myprotein

  Imagine being faced with 50ft waves, 40-degree heat and gale force winds in the best of times, never-mind with when ...
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Gluten free chocolate brownie 2

Healthy Desserts | Gluten & Dairy-Free Chocolate Fudge Brownies

    This gooey, moist sweet treat is not only satisfying and delicious when you need that sweet hit but it ...
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abby pell bodyweight circuit training

Bodyweight Circuit | 5 Fat-Burning Exercises With WBFF Pro Abby Pell

  Eager to kick-start your fat loss but don't know where to start? Bodyweight workouts are great for boosting fat-burn ...
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swordfish steaks

Fight Prep | Top 5 Weight Cutting Foods For Boxing, Martial Arts & MMA

  Combat sports and the need to reduce weight for competition go hand in hand. Which foods to consume before and ...
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cheesy popcorn rugby world cup

Rugby World Cup Recipes | Healthy Cheesy Popcorn Bites

    These cheesy popcorn bites are insanely addictive and simple to make with only 3 ingredients ...You will never ...
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