endurance range

Defeat The Heat With Myprotein’s NEW Endurance Range!

  Defeat The Heat This Summer with Myprotein's BRAND NEW Endurance Products! Introducing | ElectroFuel Powder Refreshing Electrolyte Drink with ...
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diet tips for runners

Marathon Training Nutrition | 10 Diet Tips For Runners

  By UK Personal Trainer | Maziar Ajtar www.maz-pt.com If you’re preparing to run your first marathon, it’s ...
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high protein lunch recipe tuna and avocado slices

High Protein Lunch Recipe | Tuna & Avocado Slices

  Tuck into this high protein lunch and you will not feel hungry until dinner. Our tuna ...
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concentration curls

Dumbbell Concentration Curls | Technique & Common Mistakes

  By Myprotein Writer Jamie Wykes Hobday   If we quickly divert into the anatomy of the bicep, the bicep ...
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stretching yoga

5 Yoga Stretches That Every Runner Should Try

  By Gemma Seager | www.lipsticklettucelycra.co.uk   Dedicated runners know the importance of cross training. Other activities like swimming, cycling ...
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Dumbbell Goblet Squat Exercise | Technique & Common Mistakes

  By Myprotein Writer | Jamie Wykes Hobday   Whenever we think of the conventional squat, we automatically assume that ...
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What Is Turmeric & Curcumin? | Benefits, Side effects, Dosage

  By Christopher Tack | Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist   Did you know that cultivation of the spice Turmeric occupies 60% ...
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Dehydration Symptoms + Benefits of Drinking More Water

  Water is essential for human life! While we can survive a significant amount of time without ...
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mix up running

Hit A Running Plateau? | How To Have Fun With Training

  By Myprotein Writer | James Kuhlwilm Need a training trick? Start mixing adventure into your running schedule! If ...
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How Pokémon Go Can REALLY Benefit Health & Fitness

  By UK Personal Trainer | James Griffiths   Unless you have been living under a rock, you may have heard ...
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benefits of a meat and nuts breakfast

Benefits Of A Meat & Nuts Breakfast

  We’ve all been told from a young age that breakfast is the most important meal of ...
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Motivational MMA Training | Michael Venom Page | Myprotein Video

  Get all the MMA motivation you need - join our inspirational athlete Michael Venom Page as ...
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