Introduction Football is an intermittent sport, with elite players performing lower-intensity movements for over 70% of a match, interspersed with ...
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Build Big Arms For Summer With Simeon Panda

  "I always take the MYPRE pre-workout, to get that big pump. Best day to have a pump is arms ...
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juice diet

6 Negative Side Effects of Juice Diets

  Everyone is aware that fruit and vegetables are beneficial for our health, therefore the idea of juicing/juice diets seem like ...
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tough mudder

5 Ways to Prepare for Tough Mudder

  So you’ve either been enrolled or entered yourself into competing in this year’s Tough Mudder and if you’re not ...
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Free Weights For Beginners | Advantages and Exercises

  Beginning your journey into the weight lifting world can be extremely nerve-racking if you don't know where to start.. ...
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peaches protein smoothie

Summer Snacks | Peaches & Cream Smoothie

  With the warm weather approaching, whip yourself up this fruity Peaches and Cream protein smoothie - it literally takes ...
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L Carnitine for Fat Loss

The 5:2 Diet | Benefits, Side effects, What to Eat

The 5:2 diet is a popular diet that is based on the concept of intermittent fasting. This is a method ...
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Carb loading

5 Tips On How To Carb-Load Before A Marathon

Carbloading is a strategy employed by both first time and pro runners to increase their energy levels on the day ...
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Turkey Burger

Healthy Meals | Turkey Corn Burgers with Protein Dip

This oven baked burger is a delicious low fat alternative to shop-bought, high fat burgers - with an added protein ...
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Myprotein sundae

Healthy Desserts | Cookie Cheese Cake Sundae

  When you have worked hard all week and really need a sweet treat before stepping into the ice-cream aisle, ...
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Plyometric Workouts | Benefits and Exercises

Plyometric exercises have been used worldwide for many decades as an effective way to improve athletic performance and increase strength in ...
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apple and almond bark - sized

Healthy Snacks | Apple and Almond Bark

Our Apple and Almond Bark is a delicious snack ideal for summer - and it literally takes 5 minutes to ...
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peanut butter chocs - sized

Healthy Treats | Peanut Butter Footballs

  Treat yourself and friends to these Peanut Butter Footballs, they have a deliciously creamy texture and rich explosion of ...
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post workout nutrition

Post-Workout Nutrition | What to Eat and Why

  Ouch. That aching feeling when you get out of bed the day after a good session of your favourite ...
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chocolate peanut protein bar - sized

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

If you are looking for a simple quick protein bar that can be made in bulk, look no further than ...
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10-Minute Summer Workout Plan for Beginners

  There can be days when you neither have the time nor access to a gym for your full workout ...
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Ask The Supplement Expert… “What’s the best Whey to go?”

As part of the New Product Development team at Myprotein I am involved in the development of new formulas and ...
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Harrison Twins

Build Boulder Shoulders with The Harrison Twins

  "With every exercise in the session the one thing we will be concentrating on is the negative rep and ...
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Sugar free chocolate

Healthy Treats | Sugar Free Chocolate Bar

  Don’t miss out on the good stuff while keeping a low sugar diet! Our Sugar Free Chocolate Bar is ...
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Running for Beginners | Your Top 5 Questions Answered

  When it comes to running most beginner runners make the common mistake of running too much or too far ...
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Harrison twins

Set Trends | Sportswear To Optimise Your Performance

  Dominate in the gym whilst looking great doing it with our new optimised performance clothing range! Whatever the look ...
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Warm up

Are Women More Prone to Running Injuries? | 5 Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

Whether you’ve been running for years or just getting into it, you may not agree with the statement “Everything in moderation” ...
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HIIT or LISS Workouts For Fat Loss?

  By Myprotein Writer Paul Jowsey   Cardio and the benefits for fat loss are well known and apparent, however, ...
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