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Red Velvet Devil Protein Pancake Stack

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Red Velvet Devil Pancake Stack


Not only does this Red Velvet Devil Protein Pancake Stack look spooktackularly amazing but it also tastes to die for! I dare you to make it!!!

Time to make – Under 15 Minutes

You will need:


Myprotein Pancake mix – Chocolate Flavour – 2 scoops (Macros Cal – 187 fat – 3.3 protein – 31 sugar – 1.9)

Blended cooked Beetroot (the vacuum packed version) – 50g

Myprotein Cashew Nuts – Chopped – 10g

Milk (Almond or Whole) – 150ml




Put all ingredients into a bowl and add the milk a little bit at a time to make sure the mixture is not too runny, a thicker mixture makes a tastier pancake!

Once made pour a ladle spoonful of the mixture in a slightly greased frying pan and cook on a medium heat until you start to see bubbles forming in the mix, once browned flip over.



Vanilla Coconut Frostings


You will need:


Vanilla Protein Milk Powder Smooth – 1 scoop (Macros: Cal – 106 Fat –1 Protein -17 Sugar – 8)

Cream Cheese – 50g

Desiccated coconut – 20g

Milk – 20ml




Mix all ingredients together, if too runny add more powder and if too thick add a drop more milk.


Red Velvet Devil Protein Pancake Stack



Happy Halloween!!!


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