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15 Exclusive Meals From The Protein Plates Recipe Book

15 Exclusive Meals From The Protein Plates Recipe Book
Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert3 months ago
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One of the worst chores – up there with cleaning the shakers that have been sat in your car – deciding what to eat. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner it can be a mission to pick a meal that tastes incredible, while also aligning with your macros.

Enter: ‘Protein Plates’ the new Myprotein recipe book. Full of 60 high-protein recipes that taste great and make you feel even better. In case you’re sceptical, this piece acts as a ‘try before you buy’. We're treating you to 15 recipes from the recipe book. Be warned – they're next level.

Homemade Smash Burgers

Fakeaways are always a good idea – especially at the end of a busy week. Chef it up in the kitchen and then kick back with your feet up ready to start some Friday night binge-watching. Ah, bliss.


Homemade Smash Burgers | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Stacked with juicy layers and oozing cheese.

5 months agoBy Monica Green

Chocolate Orange Energy Balls

A pre-workout treat that packs a zing for your tastebuds and your energy levels. These chocolate orange energy balls are exactly what you need to power your muscles through your next workout.


Chocolate Orange Energy Balls | Protein Plates Recipe Book

These treats are the tastiest way to power your training.

4 months agoBy Joni McMullen

Mighty Peanut Caramel Shake

Allow your muscles the chance to recover the right way. With 37g of protein plus calories and carbs all wrapped up in one creamy, nutty shake – just what the doctor, or the PT, ordered.


Mighty Peanut Caramel Shake | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Packed with everything you need for recovery.

4 months agoBy Monica Green

Soothing Turmeric Smoothie

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that around here we love to get some extra nutrients in our shakes. And this time it’s all about the curcuminoids found in turmeric.

Breakfast Tacos

Picture one of your favourite Mexican dishes, transformed to make it A-OK for breakfast. That's right – we're talking breakfast tacos. Sausages, wraps, and all of your favourite toppings. They’re sure to make Sunday brunch a raging success.

Homemade Fish Finger Sandwich

In my eyes, you can never go wrong with a fish finger sarnie. Load it up with masses of tartar sauce and you’re off to a real winner. But the biggest win – the macros. 38g of protein and 685kcal for a lunch that will leave you full and satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.


Homemade Fish Finger Sandwich | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Roll back the years with a twist on an old favourite.

4 months agoBy Monica Green

Jammy Baked Oats

It's important to keep things interesting when it comes to midweek breakfasts. And these jammy baked oats do just that. I’m not promising you that they’ll help you spring out of bed, but they definitely make the cold winter mornings a little bit more bearable.


Jammy Baked Oats | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Make sleepy starts a little bit sweeter.

4 months agoBy Monica Green

Nourishing No-Meat Balls

The no-meat balls that keep on giving. Got a craving for pasta – serve with a marinara sauce and a plateful of spaghetti. Looking for a delish lunch option – tuck into a sub stuffed with no-meat balls and a rocket salad. Or if you need a winter warmer – dish up with mashed potato and lashings of mushroom gravy.

Whatever you choose plant-based has never tasted so good.


Nourishing No-Meat Balls | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Rich, plant-based flavour in every bite.

3 months agoBy Monica Green

Protein Pocket Onigiri

Protein pocket onigiri – the perfect on-the-go bulking snack. You know us, we’re more than clear on meal-prepping, but snack-prepping is a bit of a new realm for us. But I think it’s going to catch on – especially with these macros.

DIY Protein Granola

Packed full of oats, nuts and a crispy layered bar – this homemade granola trumps store-bought any day of the week. And with 11g of protein per serving, it’s the perfect way to start the day.


DIY Protein Granola | Protein Plates Recipe Book

The perfect crispy and crunchy breakfast base.

4 months agoBy Monica Green

Pre-Workout Chocolate-Stuffed Banana Muffins

With not a scrap of added protein, these banana muffins are the perfect pick-me-up before a late-night workout. You’ll be fuelled enough to hit some new PBs, but you won’t be kept up all night.

One-Tray Halloumi Wraps

One-tray halloumi wraps – the simple easy lunch that will inject some life back into your midday meals. And with 21g of protein per serving, they’ll be keeping you satisfied throughout the afternoon.

Creamy Tomato Chicken Sandwich

For the days when ham and cheese isn’t quite cutting it – mix it up with a creamy tomato and chicken sandwich. The perfect Monday lunch to use up any leftovers from your Sunday roast.


Creamy Tomato Chicken Sandwich | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Get creative with sandwich fillings for a midday energy boost .

3 months agoBy Emily Wilcock

Creamy Peanut Noodles

For the days when you want to impress your co-workers with your meal-prep genius – this is the recipe for you. Delicious, nutty and packed full of protein.


Creamy Peanut Chicken Noodles | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Balanced macros with oodles of delicious, nutty flavour.

3 months agoBy Emily Wilcock

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

For a taste of the Mediterranean at your kitchen table, look no further than this chicken and chorizo paella. Packed full of flavour, you’ll have to convince yourself you’re not sitting on the streets of Barcelona.


Chicken & Chorizo Paella | Protein Plates Recipe Book

Bring summer home with this naturally protein-packed dish.

3 months agoBy Emily Wilcock

Take home message

For more delicious, simple recipes to mix up your go-to meals, check out Myprotein’s recipe book. With 45 exclusive high-protein recipes, it’ll be months before you need to think about what to have for dinner.



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Emily Wilcock
Writer and expert
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After completing an internship with Myprotein, Emily returned to university to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing. With experience in lifestyle writing, Emily aims to entertain and educate through her work. Her focuses include recipes, real and inspiring stories, and working with writers to help provide easy-to-digest evidence-based research. Her work on recipes has been previously featured in The Supplement magazine, with a particular focus on high-protein, nutritious meals, plus advice on how to properly fuel your body. Outside of work, Emily’s top priority is food. She’s a self-professed star baker and a connoisseur of all things baked. In her spare time, she’s either cooking up a storm, our looking out for the opportunity to try out Manchester’s newest restaurants. But as a huge fan of carbs, if it’s not pasta or pasta-adjacent, she’s not interested. If she’s not in the kitchen, she’s tucked up with a book for an early night, or you’ll find her in the gym working up a sweat. Afterall, all those carbs require quite the appetite.