14 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you’re heading to the gym for the first time, keep these pointers in mind and avoid at all costs.

If you’re wanting to stay fit and take care of your body, you have to avoid certain foods, mindsets and attire. Our expert advisor is here to help you, starting with their top 14 hints and tips that you should keep at arm’s length.

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#1 Negative Thinking

Fitness regimes mostly come from a desire for self-improvement. To burn fat, become faster or stronger. But a successful fitness enthusiast avoids making this a negative experience. You shouldn’t focus on the “shortcomings” you are trying to change. Instead, fitness enthusiasts focus on the changes that are happening and the things they are achieving.

#2 Goal-Less Workouts

Though every workout is a win, some are better than others. Fitness enthusiasts plan what they want to get out of their exercise that day. Is it to build your arms, burn some calories, or just sweat out the stress of the day so you can start fresh tomorrow?

#3 Gym Bashers

You know the types, they’re in every workplace and friendship group. They say things like “there is more to life than the gym” when they dedicate their evenings to reruns of Friends. Or “I just don’t think it looks good to be so muscly… to try hard!”. Fitness enthusiasts avoid the haters!

#4 Restrictive Fashion

If you can’t squat in it or sweat it, forget it. Fitness enthusiasts set out to buy clothes for a fancy event and end up home with new lycra every single time.

#5 Sugar Surges & Slumps

There’s nothing more damaging to a fitness enthusiasts workout regime than a sugar slump. A bag of sweets may be tempting at your desk or at home, but they know they’ll pay for it later.

#6 Quick Fixes

Every fitness enthusiast knows quick fixes don’t exist (probably because they’ve tried it early on in their fitness journey). If you want a “perfect beach body” it’s going to take more than 2 weeks drinking expensive green tea to make it happen.

#7 Convenience Food

Buying food on the fly generally means processed, empty calories that are no good for fitness enthusiasts. Of course, you can plan ahead and make your own convenience foods (peanut butter protein balls anyone?) which do the job perfectly.

#8 Excuses

If you look at it, there’s always an excuse why this week isn’t the week you achieve fitness goals. Social life, work, a season finale… A fitness enthusiast makes it happen, whatever else is going on.

#9 Lack of Variation

Whether it’s your lunches or your workouts, variety keeps things fun. Shake things up with some new spices or try out a new class at the gym.

#10 Bad Footwear

Whether you’re running through your local park or lifting a PB, footwear makes all the difference. Research what you need, and remember it’s not frivolous to have more than one pair for different activities!

 #11 False Gym Friends

We’ve all made the mistake at least once. A friend suggests you hit the gym together, and you only realise when it’s too late they aren’t there to smash PB’s. They’re there to chat and seemingly do no more exercise than at the pub.

#12 Jumping Ship

So you go out for dinner and your plan to eat lean meat and veg gets derailed by a 3-course calorie extravaganza. The fitness enthusiast enjoys the meal and works it off tomorrow. No guilt trips or declarations that their fitness plans are ruined. It’s a lifestyle, not a pass/fail test.

#13 Injury

Whilst nobody tries to injure themselves during a workout, fitness enthusiasts are conscious of their body’s needs. They stretch out properly before and after and give their bodies the nutrients they need to stay in top condition. Plenty of protein for muscle recovery, plenty of water for hydration, and plenty of happiness from a healthy lifestyle!

#14 Breaking The Bank

Getting fit and staying healthy doesn’t have to empty your purse. Have a shop around, use your local food markets and only order what you need, not what you crave. Buying unnecessary items, from chocolate chip cookies to those all-so-creamy ice-cold lattes may be the best idea at the time, although adding an additional 80 burpees to your workout may not be worth it when you need to burn off those added calories.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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