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What is Metafit Training? | The Best Workout to Burn Fat

What is Metafit Training? | The Best Workout to Burn Fat
Amy Golby
Level 3 Personal Trainer3 years ago
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What is Metafit Training?

Metafit training is a 30-minute, bodyweight-only, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that first appeared in 2010. The program was created by a Royal Marine Commando in a bid to make HIIT more efficient and effective for HIIT training. It’s designed to set your metabolism on fire.

What is the difference between Metafit and HIIT?

Metafit is a type of HIIT which aims to increase the efficiency of the workout style and its key characteristic is it focuses on core and bodyweight exercises, with no complex moves involved. HIIT, on the other hand, can include any type of exercise with additional resistance. 

Metafit uses only bodyweight and core exercises

HIIT can include any form of additional weights or equipment in the working sections. You can perform HIIT on larger cardiovascular equipment as well as with more dynamic movements and/or free weights.

Metafit doesn’t require any equipment

Metafit focuses on core and bodyweight exercises, with no complex moves involved. This means no equipment is needed in order to complete a workout making it accessible for all regardless of age, location or ability. 

Metafit is a 30-minute class

Metafit includes a 5-minute warmup, 25 minutes of intense exercise whereas Hiit can be anything from 10-30 minutes of working and resting or ground-based training.

How does Metafit help to burn fat?

Metafit has a whole range of benefits but it will help you burn fat because it requires you to move between high and low-intensity activities which improve your anaerobic and aerobic fitness, this means you burn more fat in less time than you would with LISS training.

It will ignite your metabolism 

When you do steady-state or LISS exercise, your body uses less oxygen than when you push yourself in a high-intensity workout. When your body uses more oxygen, your metabolism starts working at a higher level, which in turn helps you burn more calories during and after you exercise.


What are the Additional benefits of Metafit?

1. Metafit is efficient

Metafit is a super time-efficient workout and overall means you spend less time training each week while still prompting fat burning, and metabolism-boosting as well as increased cardiovascular endurance, it's great for getting a good workout in a busy schedule. 

2. Increases Cardiovascular endurance 

Metafit makes the whole cardiovascular system work harder, and since your heart is a muscle it becomes stronger as it goes through tough training, so this form of training is very beneficial for your heart health.

3. Build strength and fat burn

Many people don't think you can get both strength training and fat burning from one workout but you can. Metafit pushes you to go as hard as you can go to hit as many reps as possible, this form of training improves your cardiovascular system and metabolic rate. The strength training comes from the exercises within the intervals so you also reap muscle strengthening benefits from these movements too.

4. It’s for everyone

No matter your fitness level, location or age you can amend the training whilst still maintaining the intensity for an effective HIIT workout. So anyone can train using Metafit.

5. It doesn’t require any equipment

So it can be done anywhere (gym, home, outside etc) 

The Best Metafit Workout to Burn Fat

1. Squat Jumps

  • Begin by crossing your arms over your chest. Keep your head up and your back straight, then squat down until your thighs are in a parallel position to the floor.
  • Press from the balls of your feet and jump up powerfully into the air as high as you can. Breathe out at this part of the exercise.
  • When you land on the ground again from the jump, repeat the movement straight away.

2. Plyometric Lunges

  • Begin by standing with an upright torso. You can place your hands on your hips for comfort. Step forward with your right leg about two feet away from your stationary foot that will be behind you.
  • Lower your body down and breathe in at this point. Do not allow the knees to pass the toes. Push up powerfully through the balls of the foot and reverse the position so that the left leg is now in the position the right leg was previously.
  • Repeat this movement again on opposite legs for as many repetitions as necessary.

3. Push-Ups

  • Begin lying on the floor with the face facing downwards. Place your hands apart in a push-up position with your torso being held up by your arms.
  • Lower your torso downwards until your chest almost touches the floor as you breathe in. Breathe out and then press your upper body back up to the beginning position as you squeeze your chest tightly.
  • Hold this position briefly, then return to the original position. Repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.

4. Plank Taps

  • Begin this exercise in a plank position. Extend the leg out to the side of the body in a tapping motion then return it to the starting position.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg. Ensure you carry out the same amount of repetitions on each side and keep the core muscles tight throughout the movement while breathing normally.

5. Burpees

  • Begin the exercise by standing upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the floor and kick your legs behind you so that your stomach and thighs are now on the floor. You should maintain a bend in your elbows.
  • From this position, press upwards as though you are doing a push-up and raise your hips up before jumping so that your feet are under your hips and you are standing up.
  • Complete the exercise by jumping into the air and lifting your hands above your head, repeat for as many repetitions as necessary.

Take Home Message

So no matter where you are, who you are, or what equipment you don't have you can still train to burn fat and get strong with Metafit. You can’t even put it off if you're busy because this super quick and efficient method will have you working hard and getting results in only a 30 minute session. Metafit is great for anyone who's looking to get fitter but also burn fat without the need of fancy equipment or programming. 

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Amy Golby
Level 3 Personal Trainer
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Amy has a BSHons in psychology where she was a sports scholar, as a sportswoman for over 18 years playing rugby and netball up to a national level. She is a level 3 qualified personal trainer with a diploma in sports and exercise nutrition. She has been training in a gym and weightlifting for over 13 years, participating in CrossFit, Bodybuilding and many other events such as hyrox, triathlons and marathons. She has a passion for extending her learning through latest studies and with a great passion for getting more women into fitness. Amy has created programs as a coach for the last 4 years as well as around sport and fitness for Red Bull, Hyrox, Spartan UK, as well as Mental Movement UK around how fitness can help improve your mental health. She is also a advocate for female confidence and being awareness to mental health and body confidence. She can be found here –