Drumstick Clear Whey Isolate Frozen Yoghurt Treats

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you definitely need our newly restocked Swizzels range in your life.  

We’ve partnered up with the iconic sweet brand to bring you some of our high-protein bestsellers in flavours from your childhood — yep, we’re talking Drumstick, Refreshers, and Love Hearts. See more about the range here. 

Better yet, our favourite recipe queen @healthy_floflo has come up with this deliciously simple way to make a high-protein frozen yoghurt treat using both the Drumstick-flavoured Clear Whey Isolate and Layered Protein Bar. Double the taste, double the nostalgia.  

You literally just need to add a few spoons of your favourite yoghurt (and maybe some confetti sprinkles if you’re feeling extra) and in no time at all you’ll have an irresistibly sweet snack that satisfies your cravings while being pretty macro-friendly, too.  


Makes 8 pieces  




  • 300g 0% fat Greek yoghurt  
  • 1 scoop Clear Whey Isolate (Drumstick) 
  • ½ Layered Bar (Drumstick)  

Optional toppings: 

  • Swizzels Drumstick Squashies  
  • Confetti sprinkles 


1) Simply mix the yoghurt and Drumstick-flavoured Clear Whey Isolate until smooth and then pour into a lined baking dish or freezer-safe container.  

2) Top with slices of Drumstick-flavoured Layered Bar and if you’re feeling indulgent add some Drumstick Squashies along with some colourful confetti sprinkles. 

3) Freeze for at least 3 hours, then take out and slice up into delicious bite-sized pieces. Enjoy immediately or keep in the freezer for a few days. 


Nutritional info per piece:  

  Calories   Protein  Carbs  Fat 
Without toppings  45   7.6g  2.4g  0.5g 
With toppings  63  7.7g  6.2g  0.7g 



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