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BCAA Paper Cup Ice Lollies | Perfect Peach Tea

Boost your BCAAs in the most refreshing way with these tasty BCAA ice lollies. No fancy equipment needed – all you’ll need are a few humble paper cups and sticks to make your very own healthy frozen treats.

The best thing about DIY ice lollies is that you get to control what goes inside. Try your favourite BCAA or protein powder, blended with a little milk or yoghurt and fruit to make up your perfect pop.

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BCAA ice lollies

Makes: 4

Ingredients For BCAA Ice Lollies

  • 3 scoops Peach Tea BCAA or your favourite flavour BCAA
  • 500ml plain Greek yoghurt (you can use fat-free if you like)
  • 100ml apple, orange, or peach juice
  • 2 fresh peaches


1. Place Greek yoghurt, your chosen fruit juice and BCAA powder into a blender and process until smooth.

2. Pour the liquid into cups and cover each cup with foil.

3. Next, use a knife to make a small slit in the centre of each foil cover, then insert the lolly sticks. Freeze for at least 4 hours until frozen through.

4. Consume any time of the day, particularly pre- or post-workout for best results.

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BCAA Paper Cup Ice Lollies | Perfect Peach Tea

Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Calories 131kcal 45 Calories from Fat
% Daily Value *
Total Fat5g8%
Total Carbohydrates12g4%

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Jennifer Blow

Jennifer Blow

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