15-Minute HIIT Workout | Exercises To Do At Home

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an exercise method in which you switch back and forth between short intervals of high intensity exercise back to back, or short intervals of high intensity exercise followed by short rest or recovery periods.

The intensity of the exercises means you will be working very close to your maximal heart rate, resulting in burning far more calories than moderate cardio alone.

Benefits Of HIIT Training

? Burn Fat Fast 

HIIT is far superior for fat loss, despite requiring less time to complete.

? Short Duration

In addition to fat loss, one of the biggest benefits is that HIIT usually lasts only 20 minutes or less. This enables just about anyone to fit in a workout regardless of their busy schedules.

? Full Body Workouts

The key for HIIT is that is consists of exercises that use the majority of muscle groups.

Using full body exercises like sprinting, squats, deadlifts and burpees really get your heart rate going and kicks your fat loss into high gear.

hiit home workout

15-Minute HIIT Workout

This HIIT workout has been designed to use the minimum amount of equipment as possible which makes it easy to perform anywhere, at any time.

? You will go through five exercises that focus on multi-joint movements. Try to do as many repetitions as possible during the each-1 minute interval!

?  There is no rest throughout this workout periods, however, if you are a beginner finding it challenging you can change to 45-second intervals, then rest for 15 seconds before repeating.

?  Once you have completed one round of the workout, repeat the same exercises again twice more.

? Always begin with a warm-up (gentle jogging, stretching to imitate your exercises) to get your muscles moving, blood pumping.

This will prepare your body for exercise and help prevent any injuries!

This routine is meant to be challenging but do the best that you can!

Exercise #1: Lunges



Standing upright, engage your core (stomach muscles) to ensure stability and take a step forward with your right leg – and hold.

Breath in and squat through your hips and push the weight onto your leg – the knees shouldn’t fall further further than the toes.

Breath out and power through your heel to reverse the movement back to the starting position. Repeat as many time as possible.

mountain climbers abby pell

Exercise #2: Mountain Climbers


Begin with a push-up position. Engaging the core and holding a straight spine, bend the knee and bring one leg towards your chest.

Reverse the position using an explosive movement until the original leg is straight and the opposite knee is now at your chest.

Reverse again continuously until the twenty seconds are up.

Exercise #3: Box/Tuck Jumps


You will need a box sufficiently high enough to challenge yourself – can be done without.

Standing upright, slightly bend the knees. With your arms out on in front of you, place your palms facing downwards with your fingers together.

Lower yourself gently into a squat position and immediately power back upwards.

Push your knees towards your chest, aiming to touch your palms with your knees. Ensure to land gently, bending the knee and repeat for as many repetitions as possible in 1-minute.


Exercise #4: Burpees


Staring forward with your feet apart, bend your knees and drop your hands to the floor in front of you.

Kick your legs back behind you so that you are in a push up position.

Spring your feet back in towards your hands keeping your chest up. From this position jump as high as you can stretching your hands above your head. Repeat as many time as possible.

Exercise #5: Bicycle Crunches


Begin the movement lay flat on the floor and imitate riding a bike. Raise your chest slightly off the floor and hold.

Start the movement by engaging your core, and follow by twisting and turn your elbows to alternative sides and make sure they reach the top of the opposite knee.

Maintain a strong core throughout and try to reach as far as possible with your elbows, swapping from side-to-side.

Cool Down Stretches

Stretching is such an important part of the workout- make sure you remember to stay hydrated and stretch afterwards to loosen up your muscles – this will help prevent injury and reduce muscle soreness.

Hamstring stretchesBeginner's Fitness | 5 Exercises To Start Getting Fit At Home

Hip openers, side stretches, quad stretches

Beginner's Fitness | 5 Exercises To Start Getting Fit At Home

Take Home Message

You may not have time or the money to get yourself to the gym but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the shape you desire.

Most HIIT workouts can be done with very little equipment, within 15 minutes and from your living room. No excuses!





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