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9 Burpee Variations to Add Into Your Workout

Burpees are one of the best fat-burning exercises you can add to your routine and can be done anytime, anyplace from a hotel room to the beach, and even in between sets at the gym.

Due to the fact that burpees are a full body exercise, you burn lots of calories doing them, and the fact you can use them as a form of interval training means that you can keep your metabolism firing for hours even after you have finished your workout.

It is important to maintain good form in burpees to avoid any injuries.

Performing a basic burpee

A. Start the exercise in a squat position with your hands on the ground in front of you.
B. Kick your feet back into a push up position, perform a push up.
C. Straight away, return your feet to the squat position.
D. Jump up as high and explosively as possible from the squat position.


Burpees are a great exercise to add into any routine to increase the intensity as they get your heart rate up. You can use them in a circuit or interval style or simply build up your endurance by doing them in sets as you would with traditional resistance training exercises.

Flapjack burpee

A. Begin by laying flat on your back.
B. Flip over, and perform the basic burpee, above, but make the jump a tuck jump – knees right up!
C. Land from the jump, hands down, jump legs back.
D. Flip over so you’re back in the start position. Repeat.

burpee variations

Box jump burpee

A. Use a stable bench, table or stepper and adjust to a height you feel comfortable with.
B. Instead of completing the exercise with a squat jump, end the burpee with a box jump. Land softly on top of the bench and jump back down to repeat.

Decline burpee

A. Ensure that you have a stable surface at a height such as a sturdy box, chair, or bench.
B. Complete burpee by jumping your feet onto the box (after putting hands on the ground).
C. Complete a decline push-up.
D. Thrust feet between hands and jump up as normal to the starting position.

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Pull through burpee

A. Begin by placing a heavy weight such as a dumbbell or weight plate beside you.
B. Make sure you’re on ground that will allow the weight to slide to the opposite side of you.
C. Start off with it beside you, do your push up as normal.
D. Reach underneath, grab the weight and pull it to the other side of your body.
E. Repeat in the opposite direction.
F. Ensure you complete an equal amount of repetitions on each side.

Walking burpee

A. Ensure that you have about 5 feet of space to the side of you.
B. Begin the burpee, finish the push-up and complete 3-5 steps of a plank walk.
C. Thrust the feet up and complete the exercise with the squat jump.
D. Repeat in the other direction.

Pull up burpee

A. Finish a burpee underneath a pull-up bar.
B. When you complete the movement, while jumping up from the ground, grab the pull-up bar and finish with a pull-up.
C. Jump down and repeat.

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Upright row burpee

A. Get a barbell and place it at your feet.
B. Keeping a grip on the bar, maintain a tight core so that the bar doesn’t roll, do the push up and complete the burpee.
C. Instead of jumping, stand up (deadlift the bar) and complete the upright row.

Uneven burpee

A. Use a stepper top, push-up handle or even a medicine ball.
B. Place one hand on the floor and the other on stepper or push up handle. Perform an uneven push-up before finishing like normal.
C. Repeat on the other side, alternating, ensuring you do an equal amount of repetitions on each side.
Burpees make a great finishing exercise that you can use at the end of a workout. Try setting your stop watch and see how many burpees you can complete in two minutes, then try and beat your score at your next workout.
Try the burpee pyramid.

This works really well using a skipping rope in between burpee sets. Begin by doing one burpee then skip for one minute, next do two burpees and skip for two minutes, then do three burpees and skip for three minutes and so on right up until ten minutes, and then increase the time the fitter you get going right up to twenty minutes. In between sets, you can perform abs work such as the bicycle or plank to make the workout even more challenging.



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