Beginners Guide To Pre-Workout | What Is It? When To Take it?

Pre-workout shakes and supplements are a fantastic way to set you up for an effective and successful workout. They are set to become as essential to your gym bag as your post-workout protein shake.

What Does Pre-Workout Do?

Pre-workout is designed to provide you with the energy and nutrients to maximise your results while minimising damage to your body. Pre-workouts provide energy to push you further into your workout. They also offer nutrients to help to protect your muscles as you are using them.

When you take pre-workout, you should find that you are more focused and alert, and you experience less fatigue as you challenge yourself. Studies have shown that pre-workout formulas improve athletic performance.

When Should I Take Pre-Workout?

You should take pre-workout around 30 minutes before you are going to begin your exercise routine. This gives your body the optimal time to take in the nutrients so as to use them effectively. If taken too early, the body will start to waste the benefits of the shake and you will lose the effects during your workout.

If you take pre-workout at the start of the day, but go to the gym in the evening after work, the shake will become essentially useless as your body will have digested most of the nutrients and stimulants.

Pre-workout is most effective on an empty stomach. This makes them ideal for a morning workout, but if you are exercising later in the day you can just time your meals for a couple of hours before you are due at the gym. Don’t forget, the pre-workout is providing you with energy, so you don’t need to worry about getting a quick calorie boost from a snack.

Does More Pre-Workout Equal A Better Workout?

The adequate amount of pre-workout equals a better workout. Do not try to take more than the recommended dose.

It doesn’t matter if you are doing a long workout, a tough workout or you want to take it earlier than the recommended time. The blends have been researched to be at their most effective when the instructions are followed correctly.

Are All Pre-Workouts the Same?

No. There is a whole range of Myprotein pre-workout shakes and supplements. Depending on your needs and goals, you will find a Pre-Workout that will give you your best results.

Whether you are looking to build mass and would appreciate a high-calorie shake that fuels your weight session, or you are cutting weight and what a low-calorie fuel for your next cardio workout, you should find the appropriate pre-workout for you.

If you like to vary your workouts, you may find that having different pre-workouts to support your regime works best for you. This is also appropriate if you have different amounts of caffeine on different days.

or example, you may regularly drink coffee while you work on a Monday. It may then not be advisable to have a more stimulating pre-workout when you hit the gym. On a Saturday morning, however, you may find that extra caffeine is exactly what you need to get focused and smash your workout goals.

Should I Take Pre Workout Instead of a Protein Shake

Before a workout, you should take pre-workout shakes or supplements. They are specially designed to fuel your exercises. However, you should not consider this a replacement of your protein shake after you’ve worked out. The protein shake aids your recovery and muscle building. Combine the two either side of your workout to fuel your best results.

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