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27 Protein Pancake Recipes That’ll Keep You Full Until Lunch

27 Protein Pancake Recipes That’ll Keep You Full Until Lunch
Jennifer Blow
Editor & Qualified Nutritionist22 days ago
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Spruce up your stack with our favourite healthy protein pancake recipes.

Not only are these utterly delicious & healthy protein pancake recipes ideal for the big day, but they'll soon become your go-to muscle-up meals when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gone are the days when pancakes had to be jam-packed with the same amount of carbs as your average 12” pizza – protein pancakes are now the breakfast and post-workout food for all fitness buffs.

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Keep scrolling for 27 mouthwatering protein pancake recipes to curb your cravings.

1. Marvellously Chocolatey Pancakes

Pancakes with an extra little bit of sparkle, literally. If pancakes weren’t already enough to brighten your day, then this stack featuring edible glitter certainly will be. And, even better, they’re chocolate flavour.

Per serving: Calories - 379  Protein - 20g  Carbs - 44g  Fat - 12g

Recipe here.

2. Frozen Protein Pancake Meal Prep

Pancake meal-prep. Yep, our two favourite things rolled into one, making pancakes easier than ever to make. That can only mean one thing – pancakes every day of the week. Oh, and did I mention they pack 41g of protein per serving?

Per serving: Calories - 416  Protein - 41g  Carbs - 51g  Fat - 6g

Recipe here.

3. Ham & Cheese Stuffed Pancakes

Ham and cheese will forever be the most classic toastie filling. It's just a fact. So, @healthy_floflo decided that ham and cheese pancakes need to be a thing. And let me tell you, what she created did not disappoint.

Per serving: Calories - 372  Protein - 60g  Carbs - 11g  Fat - 9g

Recipe here.


Cookies & Cream Protein Pancakes

Bored of protein oats? Enter 3-step, loaded protein pancakes... 

1 year agoBy Monica Green

I’ve never been good at maths, but even I know that strong taste plus strong macros equal an excellent morning. And that’s where these cookies and cream protein pancakes come in.

Per serving: Calories - 392 Protein - 40g  Carbs - 22g  Fat - 15g

Recipe here.

5. 3-Ingredient Pancake Skewers

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Or the next showstopper at your weekend brunch. Whatever the occasion, hit the spot with these beyond-cute pancake skewers. Dip in melted chocolate and be on your way.

Per serving: Calories - 177  Protein - 17g  Carbs - 22g  Fat - 2g

Recipe here.


Protein Pancake Breakfast Tacos

The breakfast recipe you never knew you needed.

1 year agoBy Monica Green

The ultimate breakfast combo – texture and taste of a pancake combined with a Mexican classic. Plus, 61g of protein per serving. Protein pancake breakfast tacos, coming right up.

Per serving: Calories - 481 Protein - 62g  Carbs - 18g  Fat - 22g

Recipe here.

7. Whey Forward Pancakes

A brand-new pancake variation using our most innovative protein yet. Making these our most innovative pancakes yet. A must-try if you’re a protein pancake lover.

Per serving: Calories - 461 Protein - 24g  Carbs - 65g  Fat - 12g

Recipe here.

8. Pumpkin Protein Pancake Recipe

Pumpkin protein pancakes, bringing those Autumn vibes, all year round. Fluffy in the centre and topped with creamy Greek yoghurt, these are a must-try.

Per serving: Calories - 541  Protein - 38g  Carbs - 64g  Fat - 14g

Recipe here.

9. Blueberry & Butterscotch Protein Pancakes

Absolutely packed with protein, these delicious butterscotch and blueberry pancakes couldn't be any easier to make, thanks to our Protein Pancake Mix. Ideal for those less confident in their cooking abilities.

Per serving: Calories - 392  Protein - 39g  Carbs - 20g  Fat - 18g

Recipe here.

10. Protein Pancake Cereal

Protein pancake cereal was a TikTok trend that blessed our timelines way back in the first lockdown of 2020 and it's definitely up there as one of the best things to have come out of that year in our opinion...

Per serving: Calories - 454  Protein - 22.9g  Carbs - 60g  Fat - 11g

Recipe here.

11. Peanut Butter Stuffed Protein Pancakes

Peanut butter lovers, it's not enough to just get your fix with a drizzle of peanut butter on top of your stack. You've got to try this incredible stuffed recipe.

Per serving: Calories - 440  Protein - 22.5g  Carbs - 36g  Fat - 22.5g

Recipe here.

12. Protein Pancake Dippers

This game-changing recipe will change how you do Pancake Day forever. Seriously, why bother with a knife and fork when you can make edible dippers to soak up your Sugar-Free Syrup. Thank us later.

Per dipper: Calories - 224  Protein - 12.3g  Carbs - 24.8g  Fat - 7.3g

Recipe here.

13. Sheet Pan Protein Pancakes 

Not a fan of faffing about over a hot frying pan? No worries, we've got you covered with these delicious baked pancakes instead. Ideal for making in bulk and keeping in the fridge or freezer for a handy grab-n-go breakfast.

Per serving: Calories - 169  Protein - 13g  Carbs - 22g  Fat - 3g

Recipe here.

14. American-Style Pancakes 

Thick, fluffy pancakes with streaky bacon and sweet syrup it's a classic combo that you just can't beat.

Per serving: Calories - 313  Protein - 21g  Carbs - 33g  Fat - 10g

Recipe here.

15. 4-Ingredient Foolproof Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes
Hands up who’s pancakes have turned out like soggy, misshapen blobs that tear at the mere sight of a spatula? This ridiculously easy, foolproof recipe will solve all of your pancake problems.

Per pancake: Calories - 115  Protein - 15g  Carbs - 14g  Fat - 1g

Recipe here.

16. Gingerbread Protein Pancakes 

Perhaps a touch seasonal, but really who doesn't love gingerbread all year round? This deliciously sweet & spiced stack is a winter warmer that we can't get enough of.

Per pancake: Calories - 471  Protein - 39g  Carbs - 51g  Fat - 14g

Recipe here.

17. Pecan Pie Chocolate Pancake Stack

chocolate pecan pancake stack
Looking to ramp up your protein intake without clocking up the calories? Try these tasty pecan pie protein pancakes smothered in your very own 4-ingredient chocolate sauce.

Per pancake: Calories - 141  Protein - 12g  Carbs - 9g  Fat - 7g

Recipe here.

18. Fluffy Maca Vegan Pancakes

high-protein vegan breakfast

We teamed up with one of our favourite vegan bloggers, Stefanie Moir, better known to her fans as Naturally Stefanie, to make her fluffiest vegan pancakes yet.

Per pancake: Calories 89  - Protein - 7g  Carbs - 11g  Fat - 2g

Recipe here.

19. Classic Blueberry Pancakes

blueberry pancakes
There's nothing more satisfying than a warm stack of fluffy blueberry pancakes – the OG recipe of the protein pancake world.

Per pancake: Calories - 95  Protein - 6g  Carbs - 5g  Fat - 7g

Recipe here.

20. Chocolate Orange Pancakes

Chocolate pancakes
These chocolate orange pancakes make the perfect chocolate lover’s breakfast (and lunch and dinner).

Per pancake: Calories - 88  Protein - 8g  Carbs - 7g  Fat - 3g

Recipe here.

21. Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

Vegan chocolate protein pancakes

We had our favourite vegan blogger, Naturally Stefanie, here with us making her chocolate vegan pancakes (and you wouldn't even know these bad boys are vegan).

Per pancake: Calories - 122  Protein - 7g  Carbs - 16g  Fat - 3g

Recipe here.

22. Almond Butter & Raspberry Protein Pancakes

almond butter pancakes
This stack of almond buttery goodness is all you need to get through your mornings. Switch the almond butter up for peanut butter if that's more your bag!

Per pancake: Calories - 122  Protein - 13g  Carbs - 9g  Fat - 4g

Recipe here.

23. Spinach Pancakes & Smoked Salmon

spinach pancakes with smoked salmon
When you need an excuse to eat pancakes for lunch, try spinach pancakes with smoked salmon.

Per serving: Calories - 224  Protein - 21g  Carbs - 6g  Fat - 13g

Recipe here.

24. Coffee & Walnut Pancakes
protein pancake recipes

These coffee and walnut protein pancakes are like eating cake for breakfast (minus the guilt).

Per pancake: Calories - 51  Protein - 8g  Carbs - 8g  Fat - 1.5g

Recipe here.

25. Toffee Apple Pancakes

toffee apple stack
Toffee apple pancakes are autumn breakfast goals.

Per pancake: Calories - 108  Protein - 12g  Carbs - 12g  Fat - 2g

Recipe here.

26. Protein Dutch Baby

protein dutch baby
This protein Dutch baby is the perfect muscle-up weekend breakfast.

Per serving: Calories - 364  Protein - 37g  Carbs - 14g  Fat - 16g

Recipe here.

27. Protein Pancake Batter Waffles

pancake batter waffles

Wondering what else you can do with your pancake mix? Say hello to the pancake batter waffle.

Per serving: Calories - 186  Protein - 19g  Carbs - 9g  Fat - 6g

Recipe here.

Take home message

And just like that you've got enough pancakes to see you through the whole of February, never mind pancake day. But with a selection like that, how are you gonna choose which to try first.



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