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How To Make Protein Pancakes | Guilt-Free Recipe

1 stack of pancakes



  1. Aside from the blueberries, blend all of the ingredients until smooth

  2. Fold in the frozen blueberries

  3. Heat up a large skillet and add coconut oil.

  4. Once the oil has melted, add a small amount of pancake batter and spread it into a circular shape.

  5. Once the mixture starts to form air bubbles, flip it over with a spatula and cook it for 20-25 seconds.

  6. Repeat the above steps until you have used up all of the pancake mixture.

  7. Serve with any desired extras.

Tip: We recommend adding, fruit, dried coconut, yoghurt or sugar free syrup for the perfect pancakes.
Why not download the recipe, here?

Myprotein guilt free blueberry pancakes recipe

Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell


Charlotte is a fitness and nutrition writer and blogger based in Manchester. Her articles have been featured in Cosmopolitan and the London Evening Standard.

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