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You Need To Activate Your Glutes Before You Lift | Myprotein Masterclass

You Need To Activate Your Glutes Before You Lift | Myprotein Masterclass
Evangeline Howarth
Editor3 years ago
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Guilty of always skipping the warm up? Well, Lucy Davis is here to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t. Whether you’re squatting, lunging, or deadlifting, warming up, or activating, your glutes will save you pain in the long run. 

Lucy, an expert personal trainer and founder of MyCoach training school is here to take you through 5 exercises that you can do to activate your glutes before you get into those booty-building lifts. 

From glute clams to side lying hip raises, she’s here to talk you through each exercise and exactly how it’ll help you reach those PRs. 

It’s time to lock in that mind-muscle connection and feel the burn — check it out below... 



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Evangeline has taken part in competitive sports since a young age. As a qualified RYA Dinghy Instructor, she understands the importance of proper nutrition for fuelling extreme and endurance sports, especially due to her experience in Team GBR Squads and captaining and coaching her University first team.

In her spare time, Evangeline loves running – especially marathons. On the weekends, you’ll find her taking on water sports or hiking up a hill. Her favourite evenings are spent taking on a HIIT session or squats in the gym before digging into some spicy food and a ton of vegetables – yum!

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