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Hache Steak

  • Made with the finest steak.
  • Pressed with herbs and spices
  • Cook the same way as a regular sirloin and fillet steak

Fillet Steak

  • Leanest and softest cut of steak
  • Extremely tender
  • Aged for a minimum of 28 days

Gluten Free Steak Burger

  • Seasoned beef burgers
  • Uses steak mince
  • Ideal for on the BBQ

Rump Steak

  • 100% British steak
  • Extremely lean and tender cut of steak
  • Matured for 35 days

Gluten Free Beef Burger

  • Gluten free
  • Great tasting burger
  • 100% British beef

Rib Eye Steak

  • Tender and succulent cut of beef
  • Taken from the eye of the rib
  • Full of flavour

Sirloin Steak

  • Lean and succulent steak cut from the tender loin
  • Dry aged for 28 days
  • British farmed beef

T-Bone Steak

  • Part sirloin and part fillet
  • Succulent, tender and lean cut
  • Sourced from grass fed cattle

Lean Minced Steak

Extra Lean Minced Beef Steak

  • No added water or salt
  • Less than 10% fat
  • 100% British beef

Minced Beef

  • Perfect for a number of meals
  • No added water or salt
  • High quality source of beef

Flank Steak

  • Ideal for pan frying or for on the BBQ
  • Long and flat cut of steak
  • Tender cut of steak

Diced Steak

  • Matured for 28 days
  • British farmed meat
  • Less than 4% fat

Peppered Steak Burger

  • Seasoned beef burgers
  • Sourced from steak mince
  • Ideal for on the BBQ

Minute Steak

  • Quick fry steaks
  • From the rump cap
  • Perfect for a quick snack

Sirloin Roast

Sirloin Roasting joint

  • High quality joint
  • Perfect for carving into individual steaks
  • Lean and trimmed of excess fat

Beef Meatballs

  • Seasoned beef meat balls
  • Perfect to consume with a tomato based sauce
  • 100% British farmed beef

Peppered Rump Steak

  • Grass fed rump steak
  • Tasty pepper coating for extra flavour
  • Tender cut of steak

Topside Roast

Extra Lean Roasting Joint

  • Suitable for quick cooking
  • 100% British Beef
  • Tender and full of flavour

Beef Steak Strips

Lean Beef Strips

  • Tender beef strips
  • Ideal for stir fry’s
  • No added water or salt

Braising Steak

  • Matured for 21 days
  • 100% British steak
  • No added water or salt

Silverside Roast

Silverside Roasting Joint

  • Ideal for roasting
  • 100% British beef
  • Matured for 21 days

Shin Beef

Tender Shin Beef

  • Tender shin of beef
  • Perfect for slow cooking
  • From grass fed cattle

Rump Roast

  • Lean and succulent roasting joint
  • Roast or cut into individual steaks
  • Extremely tender joint of steak

Fillet Tail

Tender Fillet Steak

  • Tasty and tender cut of steak
  • Ideal for a number of dishes
  • Taken from the narrow end of the fillet

Rib Eye on Bone

  • Left on the bone for extra flavour
  • Marbled with fat for extra succulent flavour
  • Extremely tender cut of steakfrom grass fed beef

Sirloin on the Bone

  • left on the bone for extra flavour
  • dry aged for 28 days
  • Sourced from grass fed beef

Boned and Rolled Rib of Beef

  • Great for roasting
  • Hung for 28 days
  • Tender cut of beef