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Seamless Clothing

What is Seamless clothing? What are the benefits? Where can I buy this clothing? Check out the latest Myprotein revelation, you’re bound to be impressed!

Seamless clothing is clothing without any stitches or seams. This is quite a new way of manufacturing clothing and it has a number of benefits, especially when applied to fitness clothing. We read your mind and delivered a brand new, extensive range!


Non Chafe


Seamless clothing will not chafe your skin or cause friction on it as you will not have any uncomfortable seams irritating your skin as you train. The fabric will move with your body avoiding any itchiness as you train, squat till you drop!



Due to the fact that seamless clothing has no seams, the clothing itself is extremely durable. This makes it an excellent choice for gym wear as clothing is subjected to many pulls and stretches during a demanding training session.




Clothing that will move with your body is key to comfort in gym wear, and seamless garments will provide extra flexibility. Seamless clothing is completely squat proof and will move with your body.

Flattering Fit


Seamless clothing hugs the body in a very flattering way. No need to run away from the mirrors, check yourself out!



Clothing that is lightweight is ideal for exercise, and seamless clothing is exactly that. Due to the fact there are no seams; the clothing will feel like it is not even there while still giving some support. It will also stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout your session.




The figure hugging nature of seamless clothing looks effortlessly stylish as it will cling to the body in all the right places. Helping you gain more than a gym session.

Tips For Picking Out New Gym Clothing



Gym wear that is breathable will make a huge difference to your comfort as you train. It will also help you to keep cool as it will draw away moisture from your skin as you get your sweat on.

Choose Clothing To Suit Your Activity


Keep in mind the type of training you plan to do when you choose your gym clothing. If you plan to do a lot of high impact activity, it is important for example that your sports bra reflects that, and provides comfort and support when you need it the most.

You may also want to wear a top with built in support to add to that offered to you by your sports bra. If you are doing an activity such as yoga, you may want to wear leggings and a form fitting top so that when you are doing certain stretches, you are comfortable with the level of skin showing and that your clothing will stay in place for you throughout the class while still allowing you to have a full range of motion.




Comfort is key when selecting fitness clothing. You want the clothing to fit well and be created from suitable fabrics so that you are not weighed down by heavy sweaty fabrics at the end of your workout. Similar to the point above, by ensuring your clothing is suited to the activity you will feel most comfortable in your workout.

Wear Suitable Footwear


Footwear is often the bottom of the list when it comes to considering your gym attire, but it can be very important in terms of comfort and safety at the gym. Ensure that you have the right footwear for the right activity. For example, if you plan to do a spinning class, you may find that light weight runners that are too flexible may cause you a lot of discomfort during the class, especially when the resistance is turned up on the bikes! On the other hand, if you are doing a yoga class, you may want very light weight and flexible shoes on your feet or even yoga socks.


Don’t Forget Your Accessories!


Make sure you always have a water bottle with you to ensure you stay hydrated throughout your workout. Gallon water bottles are great to bring with you on the go so that you always have some spare water to hand, and the infuser bottles are brilliant to liven up your plain water with some frozen berries or lemon slices. A protein shaker is always great to have in your bag for mixing up your post workout shake after a tough training session!

If you are treating yourself or someone special to some new gym gear to help them stay motivated in their workouts, follow these tips to get the perfect outfit, and try some seamless clothing for the ultimate in stylish comfort while training!

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