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Top Workout Plan To Help You Get Strong And Lean

Top Workout Plan To Help You Get Strong And Lean
Andy Griffiths
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Written by Jamie Bantleman

Get Strong & Get Lean

Something that we are consistently looking for in the world of training is how to get lean and strong at the same time. Programming for this is tough, yet doable. The workout plan below, alongside a nutritional plan including the highest quality supplements, should give the rewards you're looking for.


However, I'll warn you, this programme will be gruelling and sometimes even painful. My first word of advice is to completely trust in the process.


During this programme you will begin with a strength phase of 5x5 that will create the foundation level of strength in the 4 big lifts:


  1. Bench Press
  2. Deadlift
  3. Squat
  4. Chin Up


The only difference in this plan to what normal strength phases are like will be to avoid fatigue. Ensure you are lifting at around 85% effort level in your 5x5 lifts.

Example: If you can max out at 5 reps doing a 100kg bench press you will perform your 5 reps at 85kg. Complete each programme 4 times and in doing this you should add 2.5kg to each lift.


Day 1: Back Squat

Day 2: Bench Press

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Deadlift

Day 5: Chin Up

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

close grip bench press

Phase 1

Bench Press
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Bench Press 5 5 120s
B1 High Incline Dumbbell Press 5 8 10s
B2 Reverse Shoulder Press 5 8 90s
C1 Incline Cable Flies 5 8 10s
C2 Wide Grip Press Ups 5 8 90s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Deadlift 5 5 120s
B1 Block Deadlift 5 8 10s
B2 RDL 5 8 90s
C1 Rack Deadlift 5 8 10s
C2 Standing Single Leg Curl 5 8 90s
chest press
Chin Up
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Wide Grip Chin Up 5 5 120s
B1 Single Arm Lateral Pull Down 5 8 10s
B2 Semi-Supinated Seated Row 5 8 90s
C1 Prone Pull Down From Bench 5 8 10s
C2 High Face Pull w/external rotations 5 8 90s
Back Squat
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Heavy Back Squat 5 5 120s
B1 Barbell Front Foot Elevated Split Squat 5 8 10s
B2 Dumbbell Walking Lunges 5 8 90s
C1 Low Foot Leg Press 5 8 10s
C2 Lying Leg Curl 5 8 90s

After this phase has been completed you will then move into a 2-week phase of 3 repetitions on the 4 major lifts. If you are performing a lift for 5 reps at 100kg, take 92.5kg and perform it for 3 reps. This works out as 117.5kg would be your 1 rep max (1RM). Your 3 rep max would be 92.5% of your 1RM.

chest workout best exercises

Phase 2

Bench Press
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Bench Press 4 3 180s
B1 Decline Barbell Bench Press 5 8 10s
B2 Seated Dumbbell Laterals 5 8 90s
C1 Seated Machine Fly 5 10 10s
C2 Semi-Supinated Grip Pull Down 5 10 90s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Deadlift 4 3 120s
B1 Wide and High Leg Press 5 8 10s
B2 RDL 5 8 90s
C1 Barbell Hip Extension 5 10 10s
C2 Reverse Hyperextension 5 10 90s
Chin Up
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Wide Grip Chin Up 4 3 120s
B1 Cable Low Row (pronated into semi-supinated grip) 5 8 10s
B2 Barbell Bent Over Row 5 8 90s
C1 Single-Arm Dumbbell Row 5 10 10s
C2 High Face Pull 5 10 90s

Once this phase has been completed, you will then go into a testing week where you will be performing your 1RM test of the 4 major lifts. I would recommend you take up to 5 minutes rest before attempting each lift. An example of a session plan here would be the following:


  1. Warm up set #1
  2. Warm up set #2 (heavier with small increment)
  3. Warm up set #3 (heavier with small increment)
  4. 3 Reps
  5. 2 Reps
  6. 1 rep max
  7. Continue to increase until failure.


Once you have found your 1 rep max you should then look at the percentages of each lift and ensure you are working as close as possible to your rep range compared to percentage of each lift.

Phase 3

Your 3rd and final phase of training will be based upon the increase in strength as well as increasing hypertrophy.

Reps Percentage of 1RM
1 100%
2 95%
3 92.5%
4 90%
5 82.5%
6 80%
7 75%
8 75%
9 72.5%
10 72.5%
11 67.5%
12 67.5%
13 65%
14 65%
15 62.5%
16 62.5%
17 57.5%
18 57.5%
19 55%
20 55%
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Bench Press 5 8 10s
A2 Supinated Grip Chin Up 5 8 90s
B1 Seated Cable Row 4 10 10s
B2 Flat Cable Flies 4 10 60s
C1 Seated Machine Flies 4 12 10s
C2 High Pull Row 4 12 60s
D1 Parallel Bar Press Ups 4 15 10s
D2 Semi Supinated Grip Pull Downs 4 15 60s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Deadlift 5 8 90s
B1 Back Squat 4 10 10s
B2 Lying Leg Curl 4 10 60s
C1 Leg Press 4 12 10s
C2 Reverse Hack Squat 4 12 60s
D1 Leg Extension 4 20 20s
E1 Prowler Push into Sled Drag 1 3 60s
Order Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 EZ Bar Lying Tricep Extension 5 10 10s
A2 Barbell Spider Curl 5 10 60s
B1 Incline Dumbbell Curl 4 12 10s
B2 Barbell Flexion into Extension 4 12 60s
C1 Barbell Cheat Curl (emphasis on eccentric) 4 15 10s
C2 Duel Rope Extension 4 15 60s
D1 Strict Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 10 10s
D2 Seated Dumbbell Laterals 3 12 10s
D3 Seated Dumbbell Frontal Raises 3 15 60s

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Andy Griffiths
Writer and expert
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Andy's journey in fitness started during his studies at Leeds Becket University in 2003, working in the university campus gym, he got a taste for a life in fitness. In the past 17 years, he has developed through various roles and has built a detailed experience in developing one-to-one clients, fellow team members and group fitness programmes in mainstream and boutique facilities. Training endurance athletes, martial arts athletes and simply those wanting to build a healthier life, he has built some great experiences and is now in a fantastic position to share what he has learnt with you. Being able to engage beginners into exercise regimes he feels is essential but has the ability and experience to adapt training techniques for those more experienced so everyone learns something new. He strongly feels that if you believe you are capable, you commit to achieving your goals that you will be successful!