Vegan Protein Waffle Recipe | 15-Minute Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Vegan Protein Waffle Recipe | 15-Minute Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Make this tasty vegan protein waffle recipe in just 15 minutes! All you’ll need is a cheap silicone waffle mould or a waffle maker (if you have one) and a few simple ingredients. And, you can also make pancakes with the waffle batter – bonus!

Take a look at the macros at the bottom of the article. And don’t forget to check out more vegan recipes and fitness recipes.

protein waffle recipe

Makes: 6-8


For the waffles:

For the topping:


For the waffles:

1. First, combine milk and lemon juice in a medium-sized bowl to make your own buttermilk.

2. Next, combine flour, Vegan Blend, baking powder, salt and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl.

3. Add the maple syrup to the milk mixture, then pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and whisk. Add the melted coconut oil and whisk until no lumps remain. Set aside for 5-10 minutes.

4. If using a waffle iron, preheat it and coat with oil spray, then cook according to your waffle iron instructions. If using a silicone waffle mould, preheat your oven to 220°C or 200°C for fan-assisted. Pour the batter into the mould and place a baking sheet on top, with a weight like an oven-proof dish on top so the waffles don’t rise. Bake for 9-10 minutes or until golden brown at the edges.

For the topping:

1. To make the topping, simply whisk together vegan cream cheese and Flavdrops. Add enough Flavdrops to your desired sweetness.

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Vegan Protein Waffle Recipe | 15-Minute Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Calories 179kcal 72 Calories from Fat
% Daily Value *
Total Fat8g12%
Total Carbohydrates18g6%

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