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Coconut & Whey Protein Balls | On The Go Snack

These quick, simple and tasty protein balls are great for on-the-go. Perfect for breakfast, post-workout or even a late evening snack.

chocolate protein balls


  • 30g Soft Prunes
  • ½ Banana
  • 40g Sticky Toffee Pudding Impact Whey Protein (or your favourite flavour)
  • 3 scoops (75g) Rolled Oats
  • 10g Desiccated Coconut


#1 Mash the banana and mix with the prunes.

#2 Put in the microwave for 2 minutes and mash again.

#3 Add the oats and protein then mix well (if too thick add a drop of water).

#4 Roll the mixture into 8 bite-size balls.

#5 Lightly wet the outside of the protein balls and roll in the coconut.

#6 Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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