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– Knock, Knock

– Who’s There?

– Doughnut

– Doughnut Who?

-Doughnut Open Till Christmas Day!!


You ‘doughnut’ now what you’re missing! Follow our quick steps and Christmas preps for this amazing Christmas chocolate doughnut festive treat.



  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

  2. In a bowl mix together the Impact whey, reduced fat almond flour/oat flour, xylitol, coconut flour, cinnamon and ginger.

  3. Add in the vanilla flavdrops, liquid egg whites, Greek yogurt, water and unsweetened apple puree to form a thick mixture.

  4. Spray a silicone doughnut pan with 0kcal and take the dough and roll into long sausage shape pieces and press into the pan to fill each donut hole mould. This should fill a couple of moulds so you will need to make at least a couple of batches.

  5. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes until golden on top. Leave to cool and once cool, tip out so that the smooth side is face up for topping. Whilst one batch is cooking you can bake another batch.

  6. Take the High Protein Chocolate and carefully melt in the microwave ensuring you do not burn it. Add in the liquid Vitafiber and almond milk and mix to form a ganache. Spread the ganache onto each donut and decorate with stars. Leave to set and enjoy!

Charlotte Campbell

Charlotte Campbell


Charlotte is a fitness and nutrition writer and blogger based in Manchester. Her articles have been featured in Cosmopolitan and the London Evening Standard.

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