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I Quit Drinking For 120 Days, Here’s What Happened

I Quit Drinking For 120 Days, Here’s What Happened
Finlay Green
Content Apprentice5 months ago
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“The morning after the night before” - it’s a familiar saying. Waking up after a heavy night and swearing to never drink again, but sticking to that vow can be easier said than done.

However, Myprotein ambassador Ben Haldon, AKA MyCoachBenji, vowed to ditch any form of alcohol for 120 days and has shared his sobering experience.

Why Ben stopped drinking

Ben decided to stop drinking “a week or two” after his stag-do. The hangxiety was strong, Ben described it as “overwhelming anxiety and it wasn’t just the morning after, it was days and days following it too”.

Ben explained how it impacted his content: “[I] put on a brave face because I felt so anxious and not myself from the effects of alcohol continuing over the next few days.”

Benefits Ben Experienced

The good news for Ben was he experienced positive results while sober.


“I’ve gotten in better shape than I ever have done and because of that I feel more confident, I feel more myself. Instead of lying in bed all Sunday, I can get an extra training session in.”


“My productivity has been a hell of a lot better, and it has also benefited my business, I’ve also managed to plan out more of my 2024 and I have way more clarity in my decisions.”

Improved Fitness & no hangovers

Ben mentioned that his physique had improved, but so had his fitness levels, “I ran my first 10k in under 40 minutes which I’ve never done before, I did it on a Sunday in the AM which I would’ve usually been in bed feeling sorry for myself.”

Take home message.

Ben isn’t suggesting everyone should be teetotal, he’s just sharing his experience after trying something new for him.

And there were certainly benefits to him personally, in the form of confidence, productivity, fitness, and reduced anxiety.

As Ben said himself: “If alcohol isn’t serving you anymore... consider if there is another way.”

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Finlay Green
Content Apprentice
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Raised from a small town, Finlay always wanted to work with computers and was willing to expand his knowledge anywhere he possibly could. When Finlay was introduced to digital marketing and content writing from a family friend he was immediately hooked and wanted to have a successful career in this industry. Finlay started to write blogs for their website in his own time which were mainly easy yet detailed explanations of digital marketing for beginners. During a difficult time in his life, Finlay developed a passion for the gym and wanting to become the best he could possibly be physically. Finlay's incredibly excited having the opportunity to combine his passion for fitness with content writing. In his spare time aside from the gym, Finlay loves to read Japanese manga, binge series' and game.