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Vegan Bodybuilding | Can We Get Enough Protein?

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By Myprotein Writer

Danny Worf Spicer

Protein is the building blocks of muscle – and the most ‘commonly known’ way to get your protein in, is through meats. As vegans are strictly against eating meat or any meat derivatives such as milk and cheese, many people assume that vegans would struggle to gain muscle on a meat-free diet.

However, this is not the case, you can in fact grow your muscles and get stronger as a vegan!

Protein for Vegans

vegan diet protein

Now, don’t get me wrong, protein is a very important part of building and repairing muscle and I am not saying that vegans should not worry too much about their protein intake.

It is generally recommended that anyone trying to gain muscle should eat around 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight. Therefore a man with 170lbs of lean body mass should eat around 170g of protein per day.

Hitting daily protein

There is many different ways to hit your daily protein goals as a vegan. The most popular supplement in the bodybuilding industry is the protein shake, generally this is either the whey protein or casein protein shake which are both produced by cow’s milk, and this is obviously out of question for any vegan!

There are other types of protein shakes available which are suitable for vegans to consume.

Common vegan proteins:

Brown Rice Protein powder

✓ Pea Protein powder

✓ Soy Protein powder

✓ Hemp protein powder

…And supplements are not the only way to bring that protein intake up!

Most vegan protein sources are also high in fibre, which means you will feel fuller for longer, which is a huge bonus for those on calorie restricted diets!

Other vegan protein sources include any type of:

✓ Beans

✓ Lentils

✓ Soy (food products and milk)

✓ Tempeh (fermented form of soy)

✓ Nuts and seeds

Tofu is a popular one…

Tofu is an excellent protein source which is very similar to chicken. in the sense that when it has been marinated or seasoned with other flavours it is delicious!

Tofu contains a considerable amount of protein and is a very adaptable ingredient for pretty much any dish. It is perfect for a curry, stir fry and any type of dish that you would usually eat with chicken as it takes on the flavours within sauces and marinades.

Fat Sources for Vegans

Another worry for some vegans can be their fat intake.

peanut butter

Fat is essential for your body’s performance and low amounts of fat can result in a hormone crash as well as negatively affecting your general mood.

✓ It is recommended that you should get around 20-30% of your daily calories through fat.

Vegans should not worry too much though as there is plenty of choices for you to get your fat intake up to a healthy level. Most of the time, vegan fat sources are also “good fats” or unsaturated fats as they are called on the label.

Some great vegan fat sources include;

✓ Nuts & nut butters

✓ Seeds e.g. Chia Seeds

✓ Avocado

There are also many different vegan oils which can be used for cooking or to add flavour and fat to any dish.

Take Home Message

A diet is all down to personal preference and the individuals view on the treatment of animals across the world.

However, it’s still possible to build a great physique with the correct training and nutrition, even if you are a vegan!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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