Focus On The Fuel | Follow Kiran’s #MyChallenge Nutrition Plan

During her 8-week rock climbing challenge, Kiran has been pushing herself to the limits to get the best performance session after session, which of course takes a lot of work both on and off the climbing walls.

As well as following an intense training plan in the gym to build on her strength and endurance, she’s been focusing on keeping her body fuelled with proper nutrition. Having a busy schedule hasn’t stopped her from keeping on top of her food either — she’s been meal prepping on a Sunday or Monday night to make sure she’s set for the week ahead.

Here’s what she’s got lined up for this week.



As Kiran’s nutrition plan involves intermittent fasting, she’s been trying not to eat until 12/1 in the afternoon. However, she has been listening to her body and if she’s struggling with that on a particular day then she’ll have breakfast — usually a banana with almond butter, or overnight oats.

When done correctly, intermittent fasting can be a really effective way to burn fat while preserving muscle, read this article if you want to know more about the benefits and how to do it properly.



This week, lunch for Kiran has been Peri Peri cous cous with kale, broccoli and 2 Quorn sausages. This is a great, balanced meal to provide a healthy source of both protein and carbs, as well as those important veggies. Kale and broccoli are both really good sources of essential vitamins and minerals, including iron which can help to keep energy levels up.

If you’re like Kiran and you’re happy to make healthier choices but absolutely draw the line at ever giving up on sauces like Peri Peri and ketchup, then we’ve got a great solution to save your favourite flavours. Try our Sugar-Free Sauces now — trust us, they’ll change your meal prep forever.



Hummus with cucumber sticks — this is a great savoury alternative to anyone who gets cravings for crisps and other salty snacks. Hummus also provides a good source of healthy fats, which are important as part of a balanced diet.

Struggle with snacking? Check out all the simple swaps you can make.



Kiran’s made a super-quick and super-tasty Chow Mein vegetable stir-fry with chickpeas and quorn chicken pieces for an extra boost of protein. This is simple, fuelling food that will keep her satisfied all evening and give her muscles what they need after a session scaling all those walls.

Feeling inspired? Check out this easy Chow Mein recipe now.



A self-confessed sweet-tooth, we’ve made sure there’s always room for dessert in Kiran’s diet plan. Her choice of yoghurt with fresh strawberries is a great option for getting that sweet hit she’s after, without taking on a load of saturated fat or refined sugar, which are often present in shop-bought dessert options (and chocolate share bags).


Don’t miss any of #MyChallenge action. Head to @myprotein to catch the latest updates.

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