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Mark Ross: Fitness Coach And PT | Interview for Myprotein

Charlotte Campbell
Contributor6 years ago
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Mark Ross' Training & Nutrition 

Originally signed as central defensive cover, Mark Ross switched to become an outstanding right sided fullback/wingback, it was clear Mark could put his foot in any athletic discipline, and that's just what he did! After turning his back on professional football, 'Rossy' is now a personal trainer and physique coach, Mark also dips his toes in a bit of modelling now and again - but surely that's not everything? Check out our exclusive interview with Mark Ross below.

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How and when did you become involved in the sport/fitness industry?


Sports and fitness have always been a massive part of me growing up, from playing every sport you can imagine as a kid to then receiving my first pair of dumbbells before I was even allowed to set foot in a gym. I started in the industry after returning home from university in the USA where they are sports and fitness mad, and I really got bit by the training bug. I came home and went straight into my personal training diploma!

Is your family sport orientated?


I wouldn't say my family are fully into sports but I have played football at a good level for around ten years and they have constantly been there and supported me, even travelling abroad to do so.

Clearly a football fanatic with plenty of skills up your sleeve, but have you any other hidden talents?


I have a few football skills, yes, and I feel confident when I've got a ball with or around me, but I'm trying to improve on new areas and skill sets now. I really want to get better at camera work especially, whether that's modelling, speaking or acting on film.


Outline your daily supplement intake:


I stick to the same strong basics that I always have and always probably will as I feel it has helped me in a big way in my sports and fitness career.


Morning supplements: Vitamin D, Alpha Men, Super Omega, a scoop of whey in oats for breakfast.


I use Mypre on big sessions if I am tired and also before my football games to really give me a boost. Throughout the day I will snack on various Myp bars, but my favourite is the Baked Cookies! In the evening I will usually have a scoop of Thewhey in my yoghurt before bed, followed by ZMA to help me recover and the other daily serving of Alpha Men and Super Omega.

What are your favourite Myprotein snacks/products and clothing range?


Favourite snack as mentioned above is the Baked Cookies, I love the taste of chocolate so I just look forward to these all day! Clothing wise would have to be the Pro-Tech track suits for relaxing/ travelling or the Seamless range tops for training, they're super comfy!

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If you were stranded on a desert island with the option of only one food item, what would it be?


Desert island delight would be... PIZZA, because I think this is possibly the largest food order you can get and I would go for the biggest one possible. I would need something to last anyway, I love eating.

What is your go-to cheat meal?


I don’t have huge cheat meals or days but I do love a good burger now and then... I like to try new ones, if a restaurant has their own special version then it's a no brainer!

You clearly do a lot of travelling, how do you fit in time to workout and keep your nutrition on track?


I will always make time for training wherever I go, I love the feeling of working out and getting a sweat on and the endorphins you get after it, so why would I want to stop that just because I'm on holiday? If anything it's going to make the experience better, plus it lets me eat more new foods that I haven't tried abroad. I will always work out before breakfast so I can use the full day to enjoy the location I'm in. Nutrition wise I do relax my diet more when travelling, but I always like to eat healthy meals anyway, one thing I would never say no to is a new or local way of cooking desserts, I feel like It might be my only chance to taste it (that's my excuse)!

Do you feel as though your social life is affected by your job?


Yes, and no, I'm not afraid to say I love a night out! I think everybody should have them as it's a big part of life and having a big laugh or blow out with your mates gets you ready to zone in again with your work or training.


Do you have a set plan for your weekly training plan?


Weights wise I've recently been using a push, pull, legs training split which is easy to fit into the week, but I do like to change things up depending how I feel, especially with my cardio sessions which can range from sprint training to strongman sessions to body weight/home workouts, as long as it's intense and gets my lungs burning.

If you’re short on time, what’s the best/most efficient workout you can do?


I often train for 30 minutes, especially when on holiday. A great workout I like is to try and fit in 8 (big) exercises in 30 minutes, the best way is to either just do a full circuit or if you want to go heavy then pair opposites together so either upper + lower body or push then pulling muscles. These quick workouts can get really intense if you choose the right exercises.

Everyone wants to look pumped for a date, what do you think is the best pre-date workout?


Well it depends how you look at it... personally I would look at a meal out as something I'm going to go big on and order a lot of tasty food, which would mean I would train high volume and pre-burn the calories off so a full body weights session before I re-feed my self later (a bit like the session I mentioned above).


Then again if you want to get the guns out in a short sleeve shirt then I know a lot of lads use Friday as a 'guns' day so they can refeed on their night out and get a good pump at the bar, this happens more than you think!


If so, German volume training works a treat! 10x10 on EZ bicep curls and close grip bench should do the trick!

No access to a gym and lack of equipment equals what type of workout plan?


No gym or equipment for me personally equals a mega high-intensity session, including hard cardio. I've recently produced an HIIT workout video on Myprotein’s YouTube Channel, check it out! Or find a lovely steep hill, sprint hard to the top, recover and jog down, repeat until your legs stop working properly. People forget the unbelievable benefits of sprint training these days, I've done it since a kid, and it really works on develops strong abs as well as a very lean physique.

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What would be your top tip to new gym-goers?


My top tip for new gym goers would be to get help as early as you can. As a PT I see so many younger clients coming to me for help and it's amazing. Personally, I trained the wrong way for years, I was too proud to ask anybody if I was doing things right, turns out I wasn't, and I had been wasting a year of lifting. Younger guys and girls come to me now and within 6 months of training, I have basically taught them everything they need to know and are way ahead of anybody else. Don't be afraid to ask!

Obviously, motivation is key to success – what motivates you?


I get motivated in different ways, I push myself through fitness sessions so I can be the fastest on the field for my sport. I push myself in the weights area so I can look good which, in turn, raises confidence in all aspects of life, and then I stay on track with my diet and supplements as I love feeling healthy inside and not sluggish in every day to day life.

Last but not least, do you like to workout alone or with a partner?


I have grown up with sports teams and facilities like boxing gyms which really have a great atmosphere and gets everybody working that extra bit harder when it comes to pushing deep from within, so I still love team training. Training with a partner is probably my favourite way to get fast results. Saying that I think everybody needs to be able to self-motivate themselves, learn to push hard when nobody else is watching - working on your own has benefits as well!


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