The Best Pectoral Exercises For Beginners


The Best Pectoral Exercises for Beginners

By Myprotein Writer Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay

Everyone wants a good chest development, with the majority of people following online guides for hitting the chest hard with a weekly Chest day routine- Monday’s being renowned as World Chest Day. In the end it’s all about the shape that comes in the pecs and shows off in your tees. Right?



Hitting the chest with dumbbells, barbells, machines ,  push ups is generally included in a general chest day routine, however all round development needs a specific focus on the pectoral muscles. This article will inform you about the pecs and what exercises you should be included in your chest development for better growth.





The chest region is divided into three different areas. The muscles of chest are called pectoral muscles, pecs (major and minor).


The 3 main areas of the chest:


  1. Upper Pecs


The top most area of the chest. Gives a bulgy appearance when pumped, the muscles around the collar bone to be precise.


  1. Middle Pecs


The area around the nipples and the sides of the arm armpit.


  1. Lower Pecs


The area below the nipples.


pectoral muscle


I have observed people insanely training chest without even knowing what area to train for maximum growth.


First things first, try and target areas that are considered weak and train them first. Training the weaker areas of the chest in the last stages of a workout might not be advisable because by that time the body may not have enough energy to lift heavier weights.


Advice for Beginners


You have just started working out, its been about 2-3 weeks and you’re training your chest 1 day a week. Over this time you may have noticed some development in the pecs. But are you fully in the know?


1. Warm up very well


Often many people start by hitting the chest with a barbell and no one cares about doing warm ups . When training any muscle group a good warm up is essential to get the blood pumping, meaning there is less chance of getting injured when lifting.


Note: The most common type of injury would be issue in the shoulders (Rotator cuffs).


Top Tip
For warm up , please perform 1 set of Flat push up with wide grip, 1 set of  push ups with neutral grip and if possible go for 1 set of decline push ups with neutral grip for hitting chest from all angles.


2. Start with free weights


Start your warm up with dumbbells, and not with the rod. Not until you are well versed with dumbbells. Using free weights incorporates more muscles, meaning the range of motion will not be limited.


Chest Press


3. Try using machines like leveraging press, machining hammer press


Machines are very effective. You can load more weight and work without a need of a spotter (assistance). Machines minimize the chances of getting injury also. Machines are very comfortable because of the wide variety of grips they offer and a stable body form.


4. Mind Your Form


Remember, if you are working chest muscles; the main muscle involved in the workout should be chest only. I would never advice you to lift the weight using your shoulders or triceps or with the help of your spotter.


Chest Press


5. Body Position


Your legs should be on the ground. Your back should be completely resting on the bench, if you are doing bench press. Your head should be resting flat on the bench.


6. Maintain the Required Grip


For flat bench press it is neutral grip(shoulder level) , for incline and decline , I tend to use wide grip.




7. Smith Machine


There are so many talks going about smith machine. For beginners , I would advise you not to go for smith machine because smith machine limits the range of motion and I would like you guys to explore range of motion using dumbbells .


8. Train one body part per week


You might be wondering that you have seen people training a body part two days a week .But remember , you are a beginner .your muscles need development and development needs rest  between workouts.


chest press


9. Eat well


Don’t forget to sip in that protein shake just after your workout along with some glutamine and a source of high glycemic carbs.


10. Sleep Well


Rest is crucial to recovery and muscle growth. Try to sleep for 8 hours  for better recovery.


Man Sleeping


 11. Cut alcohol – Don’t drink alcohol.


Alcohol is a strict no no in your training regime. Alcohol would burn muscles. Don’t smoke because it would affect your cardio regimes.


12. Change your schedule once every 3 months.


The body get accustomed to a same workout schedule . So I would advice you to keep changing the workout schedule once every 3 month.


Gym Etiquette


13. Be Patient


Always remember, muscles don’t grow overnight . Guys have been training for years to get that physique you have been training for. So keep calm and train.



Pectoral Exercises and Workout for Beginners


Incorporate this schedule in your regime and see the difference. Please don’t go with what other people do. Don’t jump onto cables because you wont be able to execute them properly.


Exercise Instructions

1 . Warm up – 50 push upsFlat dumbbell press – 4 sets , reps count (15 , 12, 10 , 8)Flat flies : 3 sets (15 , 12 , 10) / Pec Dec machine

Incline Press :3 sets(15,12,10)



Decline Dumbbell press / Machine: 3 sets (15,12,10)


Bent Arm Pullover: 3 sets (15,15,15)

Flat, incline and decline push upsFlat press is the overall chest builder, the last set in this exercise should be the heaviest weight you might be able to lift for 8 reps. Take support from the spotter in you are failing to lift in the last set.Maintain a strict position in your elbows. Lower the dumbbell till your sides till u feel contraction in your chest, push them up very slowly . It should all be in a slow manner. It affects middle chest and the sides. Machine also works in the same way.

Take an adjustable bench , put it to 30 degree angle . Don’t put it to 45 or above because we want out pecs to work not our shoulders. Lower the dumbbells slowly to your sides and pull them up slowly too . You should feel contraction on your chest.


Adjust the bench to -15 degrees (minus 15 degrees) , ask a spotter to be behind you, lower the dumbbell very slowly , tighten your stomach , your legs should be stable . Push the dumbbell up slowly as you feel contraction in your lower chest.


One of the most effective but neglected exercise that often people don’t execute this properly. Make sure you know how to perform proper execution of the exercise. You can go heavy but keep the motion very slow.





Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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