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This summer, we want you to #OwnTheSummer and take on something completely new.

It’s time to get active in a different way by learning a skill unlike anything you’ve done before. It’s time to take on #MyChallenge.

To show you how it’s done, four of the Myprotein team are stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on a new sport.

Over an intense 8 weeks, they’ll be pushed to the limits by an expert in the sport.

Punit’s #MyChallenge journey will take place on the mats of a Muay Thai training centre. This is sport that requires incredible discipline, skill, and mental and physical strength.

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Follow Punit’s Muay Thai #MyChallenge journey as it happens…

  • Punit looks back over the past 7 weeks and talks us through the highs and lows.

  • Learn how he’s training for recovery…

  • Here’s what Punit’s friends and family think about his #MyChallenge and he faces his biggest challenge yet…

  • Will this mental battle break him?

Punit Faces His Biggest Challenge Yet | #MyChallenge


Punit Faces His Biggest Challenge Yet | #MyChallenge

Did this mental battle break him, or make him stronger?

2019-08-13 14:33:42By Evangeline Howarth

  • Here’s how Punit go on in week 4…

  • Punit’s reached the halfway point. Find out how he’s getting on

  • Here’s how Punit got on in week 3…

  • Here’s what Punit’s been eating to fuel his Muay Thai training

Punit Shows Us How To Nail Muay Thai Nutrition | #MyChallenge


Punit Shows Us How To Nail Muay Thai Nutrition | #MyChallenge

Here's what to eat to fuel those hard hits.

2019-07-30 14:32:44By Evangeline Howarth

  • Here’s how Punit got on in week 2…

  • Check out Punit’s Muay Thai workout and try it yourself

  • Punit’s first vlog: He’s not quite sure what he’s gotten himself into…

  • Here’s what you need to know about Muay Thai

Muay Thai — Here’s What You Need To Know


Muay Thai — Here’s What You Need To Know

Get the low-down on Muay Thai

2019-07-15 10:26:52By Nathan Southern

  • Get to know Punit and why he’s taking on this challenge.

  • Get to know Punit’s tough world champ trainer, Pan

Try Punit's Explosive Muay Thai Shoulder Workout | #MyChallenge


Try Punit's Explosive Muay Thai Shoulder Workout | #MyChallenge

2019-07-23 14:17:16By Evangeline Howarth

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Evangeline Howarth

Evangeline Howarth


Evangeline has taken part in competitive sports since a young age. As a qualified RYA Dinghy Instructor, she understands the importance of proper nutrition for fuelling extreme and endurance sports, especially due to her experience in Team GBR Squads and captaining and coaching her University first team.

In her spare time, Evangeline loves running – especially marathons. On the weekends, you’ll find her taking on water sports or hiking up a hill. Her favourite evenings are spent taking on a HIIT session or squats in the gym before digging into some spicy food and a ton of vegetables – yum!

Find out more about Evie's experience here.

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