Get Your Hands On These Brand-New Products For Impact Week

Seeing as last Impact Week went down so well, we’re back with a second one to set you up for Autumn. If you’re new to Impact Week, you can expect incredible deals, brand-new products and old fan-favourites re-ignited.

Here at Myprotein we love a bit of nostalgia so we’re taking it back to the ‘90s this Impact Week. And to unlock some of those childhood memories, we’ve got some amazing flavours ready for you to get stuck into. Here are all of the new products and customer-favourite re-launches to expect this Impact Week. 


Mighty Morphin’ Powder Rangers Clear Whey

We couldn’t have a ‘90s themed Impact Week without including six of the most iconic superheroes of the decade, could we? 

Introducing Powder Rangers. Six brand-new Clear Whey flavours, honouring each Power Ranger. 

Blackcurrant for the Black Ranger, Black Cherry for Red, Lemon Sherbet for Yellow, Pineapple & Grapefruit for Pink, Blue Raspberry for Blue, and Sour Gummy for Green.

And, if you’re spoiled for choice, try the Powder Ranger Sample Box; containing a sample of each flavour so you can find your favourite.


Swizzels Clear Protein is back

We’re not only nostalgic for the ‘90s, we’re nostalgic for our last Swizzels launch. So, we brought it back. 

Four iconic Swizzels flavours to help you fuel your goals with great-tasting protein. Parma Violets, Drumstick, Love Hearts and Refreshers are all available in Clear Whey. 

We haven’t forgotten about our vegan audience either, with Drumstick and Refreshers flavours available in Clear Vegan Protein. 

For those of you who prefer to get your protein with the added benefits of collagen, Clear Collagen is now available in Drumstick flavour only for Impact Week. 


Don’t forget about snacks…

You didn’t think the treats would stop there, did you? We had to bring back the Swizzels Layered Bar to change your snacking game. If you’ve not tried a Layered Bar before (where have you been?!) it’s made up of six mouth-watering layers of texture, flavour, carbs, fibre and 20g of protein. 

Made for everyone who would take chewy sweets over chocolate any day. 


BCAAs…with flavour

We haven’t just relaunched some of our favourite Swizzels products either, we’ve branched out into BCAAs too. BCAAs or branched chain amino acids, are known as the building blocks of protein. They help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and work to sustain muscle and improve performance. 

Now you can get all of that in Drumstick and Refreshers flavour. 



Take home message

Whether you’re a millennial pining for some childhood nostalgia, Gen Z looking to satisfy some curiosity, or you just fancy switching up your protein, these limited-edition products have got your back. 

Up your snacking game with a Layered Bar, boost your leg-day with some BCAAs, or sweeten up your post-workout drink with Clear Protein. But whatever your motivation, don’t miss out on incredible Impact Week deals.

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Monica Green

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